10 Easy Ways to Avoid Falling Into Traps Self Induced by Your Own Mind

At almost every point of our life, we have struggled with temptations, emotions, laziness, etc. However, we never always win this war. Our mind is forever setting traps that become hard to avoid. But you can overcome these struggles which you experience with the help of some psychological tricks. This article will provide you a list of ways which will assist you in understanding your mind and how you can solve and control your life accordingly.


1Treat yourself kindly

You should treat yourself with kindness, celebrate your success, forgive yourself for making errors and try not regretting each mistake you make. The function of the brain is to protect your health as well as managing your moods. Your brain has the ability to cheer you up when you start condemning yourself for your weaknesses and faults. This can be done very easily but maybe you just tried to hard to avoid it.

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2Avoid accepting any free stuff

There are always some sorts of offers like gifts, free services, hairdressers, clubs, etc. wherever you shop. If you want to avoid wasting money on the long run, it would be best to refuse anything that you’re getting for free. Once accepted, your brain makes you feel obliged in buying something or repaying the debt after getting something for free. You may make a spontaneous purchase or buy something which could be higher priced.

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3Read as many books as possible, but do so little by little

If you love to read but hardly get time to do it, you should limit the number of pages you plan to read in a day. When you’re reading, your brain keeps making you think about how much is left for you to finish the book. You wouldn’t be able to estimate it and for a long term objective, your brain wouldn’t be very active. You should read little by little at-least 10-12 pages per day.

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