An autistic boy asks Santa a heartbreaking question but Santa’s reply is simply amazing

It is heart rending to learn that while autism is a condition afflicting kids worldwide; it is the condition of peer prejudice that needs to be corrected more than the disease itself. The biggest proof of how autism is stereotyped as bad among children in schools was summed by one question when an autistic boy asked Santa this question ““Will my autism put me on the naughty list?”

When six year old Landon went to Michigan’s river town crossing mall with his family, he just wanted one thing, to speak to Santa. There was something troubling him and he wanted to get it off his chest. Santa was the only one who could answer his question. After a family photo with Santa, Landon ran to him and stood next to him and asked him that question of whether his autism will put him on the naughty list. He actually felt that his affliction would get him in bad books with Santa. One wonders how he came to feel that way. But here’s what Santa had to say.

1 This is what Santa replied

When the autistic boy asked Santa the question, Santa replied, “You know I love you and the reindeer love you and it’s OK. You’re a good boy. You’re a good boy you know?” Landon instantly lit up with a smile while his mom Naomi was amazed at the interaction between Santa and her son.

Santa explained to Landon something which she had been teaching Landon all his life. Santa spoke in a reassuring tone telling Landon that he was no different from any other person neither better nor worse. Despite his autism he was normal and he was also a good person. Mr Kringle cleared one doubt with Landon in a single statement; it’s ok to be you’

This is what Santa replied

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