Athletics doping: Russia provisionally suspended by IAAF from all international games


It didn’t come as a shock to many when Russia’s athletic federation was provisionally suspended from all international games – including the Olympics – due to its alleged involvement in the widespread athletics doping. The IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) came to this decision after an independent World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) report was published, that alleged “state-sponsored doping”.

In an IAAF meeting, a voting was taken to decide on this issue and the Athletics team of Russia wasn’t allowed to vote. 22 votes were for banning and 1 vote was against. This comes as a good news to many clean athletes and is a wake-up call for the Russian Athletic Federation.

1 The World Anti-Doping Agency’s report

The report by the World Anti-Doping Agency has been explosive and massive as it shows how the Russian athletes cheated the system and it also told about the state-sponsored doping. The report also exposed the testing lab in Moscow that had even destroyed samples. The new IAAF president, Seb Coe said, “whole system has failed the athletes around the world”. He even went ahead to brand it “shameful wake-up call” for the sport.


The report elaborates on how the athletes missed the testing and how some of the test results went missing or how they were destroyed. This has put a huge dent in Russia’s reputation and has agitated athletes worldwide. The repercussions are not going to be easy to deal with, but Russia truly has no other option.

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s report

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