Athlete mom’s pregnancy photos are going viral on Instagram

Giving birth to a child or multiple children is a beautiful thing for any woman in this world as they are the only ones who have the blessing from the almighty to do so. But in the age of social media, people have to document every minute of their lives and have to look good also.

This rage of instagramming each and every living minute of your life was started by celebrities and female celebrities also tend to post pictures of their pregnancy and post pregnancy bellies on their social media accounts. Their stomachs go back to being like before, after 9 months of stretching due to a living being developing inside, and this makes other women want to follow the same trend and vie for similar looks.

But a female athlete is giving all those stereotypes and faux images a tight slap with her natural post pregnancy photos and they are going viral, find out why.

1 Who is the mom?

The mom in these viral post-pregnancy pictures is a 32-year-old professional runner Stephanie Rothstein Bruce from Arizona. She is a track and field runner who is training for the Olympics in the 10,000 meters long distance event. She is also mother to a 21 month old daughter and a six month old baby and she has been sharing the images of her post pregnancy belly on her Instagram account.


These pics have been going viral as they show the changes a woman’s body goes through, during a pregnancy and after pregnancy and shows the real changes as it is and not like how celebrities post their post baby tummy.

Athlete mom's pregnancy photos are going viral on Instagram

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