14 Astonishing Facts That Will Make You Think How Little You Know About The World

11The oldest color in the history of planet Earth

Yes, the scientists have discovered the oldest color of the earth and it was found in the rocks of Sahara Desert. When it is concentrated, its shade ranges from red to deep purple but when diluted it turns into bright pink. It has happened just few months back and here is what CNN reveals about it:

The oldest color in the history of planet Earth

Image Source: twitter.com

12Oxford University is older than Aztec civilization

Yes, it may sound unbelievable but Oxford University is older than the Aztec Civilization. Studies started in the University, somewhere by 1906 and it was the year 1249 when the University got the official status. However, as far as the Aztec Civilization is concerned it began in 1325 when Tenochtitlán was founded.

Oxford University is older than Aztec civilization

Image Source: funnyjunk.com

13Is the Earth bleeding?

This is known as Blood Fall which is in Antartica, it was discovered in 1911 when the scientists saw a dark red blood type liquid flowing from glacier. Earlier they thought that it is due to algae but after a thorough research it was founded that it is all happening because of the iron in the water.


Blood Fall in Antartica

14The boiling river

This is Shanay-Timpishka which is also called as La Bomba and “only boiling river in the world” and is the tributary of the Amazon river. The temperature in this 6.4 km long river ranges between 45°C to nearly 100°C which is very high and water must be very hot. There is no doubt that the water is not boiled because of sun, more likely the reason must be geothermal.

The boiling river

Image Source: .ytimg.com


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