14 Astonishing Facts That Will Make You Think How Little You Know About The World

6Mammoth lived after even the Great Pyramid of Giza were built

Isn’t it interesting to know that the wooly mammoths about whom we think that they got extinct before humans came into existence, used to roam on the Earth even when the pyramids of Giza were being built and after that too. These wooly mammoths can be called as ancestors of present-day Asian elephants and they don’t seem to be as ancient as we used to think.

Mammoth lived after even the Great Pyramid

Image Source: www.worldatlas.com

7You can get injured while sneezing

Yes, it’s absolutely true, if you sneeze too hard you can fracture your rib and if you try to suppress the sneeze then you can damage your eardrums. However, here we want to clear some myths (http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/mythbusters-database/sneezing-eyeballs-pop-out/)– your eyes won’t pop out while sneezing if you keep your eyes open forcefully and your heart also doesn’t pause while you sneeze.

You can get injured while sneezing

Image Source: wikihomenutrition.com

8Let’s have a look at our nervous system

Do you have any idea how your own nervous system looks? Well, here is the photo of our nervous system, our spinal cord averages around 44 cm in length and nearly 13.5 million neurons are required for a proper human nervous system. The importance of spinal cord can be considered by the fact that all messages from other parts of the body to brain and back, have to pass through the spinal cord.

Let’s have a look at our nervous system

Image Source: twimg.com

9Milk doesn’t suit grown-up cats

We have always seen that cats love milk but the reality is that milk is suitable for young cats but not for adult or grown-up cats. This is because for digesting milk, an enzyme lactase is needed but the production of lactase decreases as the cat grows. This is why; milk can be the cause of diarrhea or any other stomach disease in the adult cats.

Cat drinking milk

Image Source: www.kimballstock.com

10Have you ever seen goat’s eyes?

If you have seen the goat’s eyes, you will find that goats have a rectangular pupil. As per the research, the circular pupils belong to the predators while rectangular belong to the ones who get hunted. The researchers say that these rectangular pupils help these grass grazing animals in keeping an eye on a wider area even while they graze grass.

Have you ever seen goat’s eyes

Image Source: businessinsider.com


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