An Artist’s Depiction to Show How Smartphone Addiction and Technology Is Taking over Our Lives


John Julien is a French illustrator who wows people with his illustrations on life and reality. His illustrations here are taking a jibe at the way humans are enslaved to technology. Every image you see here is like harsh truth how technology has made the world smaller for an individual engrossed in his own world rather than a social one. Humans have become obsessed with the Smartphone so take a look at 15 images of smart phone addiction.

1 Weirdo on the subway

Who’s the real weirdo? The obsession with Smartphones has gone to such an extent that in today’s world what’s abnormal is actually very normal and those not addicted are the weirdoes. What a paradox.

Who’s the real weirdo?

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2 Apple watch

This shows how much we are slaves to our cellphones that even when it is charging we can’t let it go and that’s the time we should be charging ourselves too. Put down your cell when it’s charging.

jean julien satirical illustrations

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3 Freedom

In today’s world, a spot on the beach with total liberation means no technology. Before it may have read no animals or playing or cycles etc but today the real obstructions that imprison us are social media.

technology addiction illustrations

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4 Taking pictures

Taking pictures earlier meant people taking photos of each other, today because of the selfie people would constantly rather see themselves instead on screen in a weird narcissistic way.

Taking selfie illustration

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5 Evolution

It’s weird how the evolution of technology boasted at one time of putting the cell phone into the palms of our hand and from reading a large paper we went to reading a small screen but with today’s tablets we are back to the same size but on an electronic medium so what’s really great about that.

Evolution of technology

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6 New tan

Even a tan is proof of how technology is wasting us because you can clearly see this guy has had his phone stuck to his ear the whole time. That’s what we do even if we go to the beach.

New tan illustration

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7 Live screening

This is one of the most ridiculous things that people do when they go to a live concert or recital. Rather than watch and experience it with their own eyes, they are busy video recording the event or watching it on their cell phones. Why go to a live concert in the first place.

 Live screening illustration

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8 Fine dining

Fine dining may be good cuisine but group dinners aren’t a social event anymore because today the world has been compared to every individual in his or her cell phone.

Fine dining

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9 Never Alone

With a smart phone you are never alone because after all, you have social media access, and can take part in any social platform to chat, or have fun so are you really alone?? Yes of course you are because where the real world is, you’re just in one corner chatting up a screen or waiting for someone to come online.

Never Alone jean julien simple artwork

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10 Before Instagram

Well, that’s one big advantage for you. Before Instagram, it was large heavy cameras but today it’s just one selfie or a fast click from your phone and uploaded to Instagram.

smartphone addiction taking pictures before meal

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11 The apple revolution

Seriously?? Just when technology grew into a decent sized phone that doesn’t really hurt the eye, apple goes and makes wrist Smartphones, shouldn’t they make a magnifying glass that goes along with it too.

The apple revolution

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12 Modern living

Well, this is the world of a couple today. The romance and conversations gone and it’s all about social media, Instagram interest etc and hell!!Today people living in the same house wish each other good morning or say I love you on Facebook!!! That’s real addiction for you!

Modern living

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13 Dinner prayers

It isn’t about saying grace anymore, The first thing to do before dinner is to upload a pic on Facebook or Instagram showing people you’re about to eat dinner, the next is cleaning your teeth, taking a bath, having a crap and on and on!!

Dinner prayers

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14 The future of photography

No one really bothers about digital cameras anymore or DSLR’s; it’s all about the giant tab and the bigger the better. You get more screen capture area and well you can upload it instantly too.

The future of photography

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15 Life with the mobile phone

That’s the paradox!!! There is no life!! You are a slave to a generation of technology that is the same as a ball and chain around your foot. Your smart phone addiction has made you a viral prisoner of technology.

Life with the mobile phone

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