This is what happened after this Arizona Grandma invited the wrong teen for dinner


While technology has come as a boon in this age, sometimes faux pas can create surprises when calls get cross connected or a text gets delivered to the wrong person. This is what happened to a Phoenix based teen when he received a thanksgiving dinner invitation from a grandma from Arizona.

1 When Wanda sent the Thanksgiving Invite Text to a Wrong Number

An excited grandma, Wanda set about inviting her family for the thanksgiving dinner at her home, when she sent yet another text to her teen grandson, albeit the number was wrong. When 17 year old Jamal received that text, he decided to reply instead of ignoring it.

Thanksgiving Invite Text to a Wrong Number

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2 Jamal’s Reply

Jamal knew that his grandmother did not know how to text. Curious, he replied to the text asking for a picture of the sender as he definitely knew that she was not his grandma.

Jamal’s Reply

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3 Exchange of Selfies between Wanda and Jamal

Jamal Hinton and Wanda exchanged selfies and instantly re confirmed that it was a case of wrong number. Wanda then told him that her grandson Brandon had changed his number and she had accidentally texted his old number.

Exchange of Selfies between Wanda and Jamal

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4 Jamal’s Request

Though Wanda and Jamal knew that it was a case of mistaken number, Jamal went ahead and asked Wanda if he could still come for the thanksgiving? Wanda replied in the affirmative stating that he was most welcome as grandmas were good at feeding every one.

Jamal’s Request

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5 Wanda’s Background

Jamal later told people that Wanda was a sweet lady. Her husband was a veteran and that she was used to hosting do’s at her home. He said that he got a vibe from her that made him feel at home.

Wanda’s Background

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6 Jamal and Wanda meet

Jamal met Wanda on a Wednesday and said that the two shared a great bond. He found her to be sweet and helpful. He added that the two families would be meeting up for thanksgiving. A pumpkin pie was what he would be taking along with him for the dinner, he said. Jamal feels that they would meet again as he could feel the connection. Technology can be a boon at times.

While Jamal feels blessed to have connected with Wanda, there are other teens who are vying to go to thanksgiving dinner as Wanda’s phone number was visible in the screenshots which Jamal had shared in the media. Well, there is news that Wanda has since changed her phone number.

Jamal and Wanda meet

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