Anacondas are one of the largest snakes on the earth. Watch the video for their real face

Animals, no matter how nicely domesticated they seem to be, are better suited for the wild. And when it comes to people keeping huge and big snakes as pets, they need to keep a few things in mind. These can grow to enormous lengths and have power and strength for which humans are no match. Though, we do not see Anacondas as pets, they are considered to be the largest species of snakes in the world and have been immortalized by the 1997 Jennifer Lopez movie ‘Anaconda’. They can grow to over 15 ft in length and can weigh over 300 pounds easily. Humans should tread carefully with such reptiles or unfortunate events happen.


We have for you a video compilation of top 10 anaconda attacks on humans (and special appearance by some pythons as well). Get ready to be shocked and amazed.

1 Anaconda- the king of large snakes

Anacondas are a species of large snakes, mostly found in the Amazon and various parts of South America. It is a member of the boa family and the Green Anaconda is considered the largest snake in the world. They can very well exceed 500lb and can be 18ft long. They are constrictors and tend to catch their prey after patiently waiting for it and then choking them after coiling around their bodies and tightening around them. Once, they eat a prey like a deer or something big, they can easily go without having another meal for a good year or two. Their main preys are tapirs, deer, capybaras, caimans and even jaguars, if they venture anywhere near the water where these big reptiles lay waiting for them.

Anaconda- the king of large snakes

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2 A shocking video compiling some dangerous attacks

Though most of these snakes are found in the wild, where they can hide in the swamps and rivers and wait for their food, sometimes humans do venture near them and most of the times pay the price for getting too close to such a large reptile. Though, they are not known to specifically hunt humans or attack them, they are fierce when it comes to territories and can harm humans if they feel that their safety is in danger. They have great force when it comes to coiling around their prey and strong set of teeth to hold onto the prey while they squeeze the life out of them. When they apply the similar force on humans, they can easily break bones of hands or legs, wherever they bite and start to coil. Here we have for you 10 such amazing and shocking attacks by anacondas on humans. Most of them are due to wrong handling of these snakes and of people who were trying to be rough with them.


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