An amazing story of how this biker gang saved a little girl from an abusive stepfather

Bikers in USA are the very epitome of tough guys. No one would ever want to be in front of a biker gang. Their reputation precedes them wherever they go and all citizens can do is leave them alone because no one would want to anger a burly tattooed biker. But for this little girl whose real name can’t be disclosed hence we shall call her Sarah, a biker gang turned out to be her knight in shining armor. This biker gang saved this little girl from would you believe?? An abusive step dad.


Who could have ever thought a biker gang could be any more than a front for illegal activities. If you were surprised, then this is even more shocking that this particular Biker gang as fierce as they seemed were on a mission to help abused children across America. Great isn’t it?

1 This little girl was living a nightmare

This particular biker gang was very much like the gangs who would prevent protests by the Baptist church at soldier’s funerals, here was an organization of Bikers riding across America under the banner of BACA or bikers against Child abuse. For Sarah they were a godsend.


Sarah was going through the most harrowing time of her life. From the tender age of 10 she was sexually abused by her step father. As she grew older the situation turned worse. She would neither eat or sleep, she would also shower with her clothes on. For Sarah, life was hell until her mother whom she fondly refers to as Mother Duck realized the Childs plight. She immediately threw the man out of their lives, but Sarah wasn’t the same again. She lived under fear. Victims of abuse generally crawl into a shell and it takes a huge amount of counseling and a wall of security to rehabilitate them into the sphere of normal life.

This little girl was living a nightmare

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2 Enter Sarah’s Guardian Angel “TOMBSTONE”

Finally Mother Duck and Sarah learnt of BACA (bikers against child abuse). Here was a nonprofit NGO consisting of large leather clad bakers who were more like guardian angels for children in distress. It was Tombstone their leader who answered Mother Ducks call for help and both mother and daughter were massively surprised to see a bearded dangerous biker walking up to their front door.

Tombstone was accompanied by his entire motorcade, tall strapping guys in vests and leather jackets accompanied by equally imposing young women. They looked deadly and they looked tough. It soon became evident to Sarah and her mother, that these men were about to become her saviors akin to angels sent from heaven. For Sarah and her mom, their prayers had been answered. The biker gang saved this little girl; when Tombstone took Sarah into his biker family. When he did that, Sarah’s mother’s reaction was that of joy “They looked very tough but it was incredible to see my daughter for the first time almost in three years, relax,” said mother duck

Enter Sarah’s Guardian Angel “TOMBSTONE”

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3 About BACA (Bikers against Child Abuse)

BACA was founded by a biker who went by the name of “CHIEF”. His real name was John Paul lily who was a social worker and therapist. During his 20 year practice as a therapist he was primarily involved in counseling of abused children. Chief recognized the biggest flaw in the system where despite stringent laws against child abuse and perpetrators being removed from the lives of kids, their presence however remained where such people were still in a condition to gain access to the youngsters.

It was with the aim of envisioning a method to completely remove the threat from youngster’s lives that Chief formed the biker gang under the name BACA. The gang of bikers were imposing enough intimidate and legally neutralize any threat such people posed for the abused children. Who in his right mind would go against a man with the named Tombstone?

From the day tombstone entered Sarah’s life, her step father was imprisoned for his horrible deed. The bikers made sure Sarah lived under their protection even helping her résumé school again, she felt secure and happy with these leather clad angels in disguise.

About BACA (Bikers against Child Abuse)

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4 Do You Want To Join BACA???

To be a member of BACA you must be a biker above 18 and with a motor cycle that can hold your reputation up as a biker. All members of BACA are subjected to federal fingerprinting with a complete security check. New Baca members are required to attend regular workshops to be trained in methods of communicating with abused kids. BACA members attend regular meeting to devise new ways and means to rehabilitate abused children across America. Watcxh the video to see what saris mum had to say about BACA


Ito contact BACA: international Information Helpline Number 1-866-71-ABUSE (1-866-712-2873)


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