This amputee who used a basketball to walk is now an Olympic athlete


Determination is such a thing that it helps you overcome obstacles beyond your abilities to do so. An inspiration to many is the story of a double amputee who uses a basketball to walk. Qian Hongyan from Yunnan province in Southwestern China survived a near fatal accident when she was 4 years old.

Qian Hongyan was hit by a truck in her hometown of Luliang County. Although she lived through her ordeal doctors had no option but to amputate both her legs. The little girl’s perseverance to be active and mobile using just a basketball is a beautiful example of courage, grit and the triumph of the human spirit.


1 Too poor to purchase prosthetics

Qian Hongyan’s family was too poor to purchase prosthesis or undergo rehabilitation. Her Grandfather fashioned a device out of a basketball which allowed her to move around smoothly using her hands. Along with paddles she learned to walk again.

Qian Hongyan

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