What Americans would look like by 2050?

Cultural barriers are no longer a hindrance for human union. With interracial relationships becoming common by each passing day and sites like Interracial Dating Central becoming more popular, it is no wonder that the next generation of Americans are evolving as a complete different race with features that are unique. Aided by dating innovations and a new perception of racial indiscrimination, America is witnessing an emerging mega race from the amalgamation of people of color and the whites in America who are living harmoniously together. On the 125th anniversary of the National Geographic Magazine, we came across a very beautiful article on the same topic. Look what we found there.


1 The observations put forward in the magazine

We come across a beautifully crafted article of writer Lise Funderburg along with Martin Schoeller, who is a portrait artist and photographer. The latter has framed a number of faces from regions of the country that distinctly point out to the fact that the nation’s future lies in multiracialism. Anarray of photographs of people, who are born in the next generation from the amalgamation of two races, clearly show that the future of the races can no longer be exactly distinguished as “white” or “colored”, for each face is unique with features that are striking characteristics of different races.

The observations put forward in the magazine

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2 The trend is growing

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people who were multiracial in the year 2000 in America was 6.8 million. The number increased to approximately a figure of 9 million by 2010 and it is still expanding significantly. The spike observed was more than 32%. The tendency is actually encouraging, given that interracial marriages can actually put an end to racism in a way. However, there are some flaws that cannot be completely overlooked. This kind of union does impact the racial structure. More and more people face a crisis of identity about which race they truly belong to.

The trend is growing

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3 Significance of these changes

According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly 15% of marriages in the year of 2010 were interracial and this is almost the double of what the statistic was twenty-five years ago. The changing scenario only indicates that ideas of racial distinctions are slowly changing. The racial difference or the physical differences that arise from the racial differences are no longer a hindrance to the people and the main focus is on a better living with the person you desire. The taboos regarding such unions are also getting eradicated or else such increase in the number of interracial marriages would not have occurred ever.

Significance of these changes

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4 Statistics of interracial marriages in USA

The latest reports account for about 8.4% of total American marriages being interracial. In addition to this, about 7% of children born in America belong to two or more races. These kinds of unions, have given rise to unique physical characteristics and unusual traits that were never seen before, but they are also admittedly very beautiful traits that are noteworthy. The gallery of the images featured in the magazine, testifying the beauty of the multiracial people, cast a very hopeful light on the change in the approach that we have towards racial distinctions.

Statistics of interracial marriages in USA

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5 The future by 2050

When we observe all such statistics,it becomes quite clear that the newer generations of American citizens are by far, more open-minded as compared to the previous generations regarding the multiracial culture. It is observed that a major number of people in their 30s and early adulthood are more flexible about such relationships than the older generation of the people of America. There are cultural factors and geographical boundaries to be considered and though there is no base of racial distinctions in terms of biology, it still cannot be completely discarded.

The future by 2050

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While the scenario is largely based on social mobility, it is not as glowing in every region of the world. Still many countries are plagued with poverty and hence the social mobility is not as well-defined everywhere. Hence the rise of multiracial civilization still remains confined within boundaries of a few particular regions. Though this is still evolving, one can rightly say that 2050 can emerge as a turning point for this racial evolution.


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