Amazingly shocking facts about kissing

It doesn’t just take two people for a good kiss. Both of them have to be skillful with their lips and tongues, to be into each other and to be willing to explore each other.

While teenagers are stressing over their first kiss, while you read this thousands of people are kissing, while thousands are not even supposed to even think about it. In this article we won’t teach you how to kiss, but will present you some interesting facts about people’s favorite (well okay, second favorite) activity.

1 Law forbids kissing

Unbelievably for one of the most democratic countries, there are states in the USA that are forbidding public kissing. For example, in Hartford, Connecticut, it’s illegal for women to kiss their husbands on Sunday.

Law forbids kissing

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2 Ladies’ choice

Even though women are going crazy for men with beard it turned out that 53% of women prefer to kiss a clean shaven man.

Ladies’ choice

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