After eating an Orange don’t throw away your Orange Peels. This is the reason why


Who does not love a juicy sweet orange? The world over oranges are a versatile fruit that can be eaten as it is or even used for making great sauces that compliment dishes such as duck and foul. Other than the culinary benefits Oranges are packed with vitamin C being a citric fruit. However as healthy it is to eat oranges the peels of the fruit too possess a variety of benefits. Hare are 7 such uses of orange peel.

1 Stain remover for metal furniture and fixtures

Water residue can stain metal furniture and fixtures with little flecks of rust. Rub the furniture with orange peel to remove such residue and stains.

Orange peels Stain remover for metal

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2 Shining wood furniture

Rubbing wood furniture with the white side of the peel can make them shine and look new again.

use orange peel for Shining wood furniture

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3 Insect repellant

One of the uses of orange peel is that it makes a good insect repellant and chases away flies, mosquitoes and ants. Orange peel contains a compound called limonene that repels insects. Just keep dried orange peel in places frequented by insects.

uses of orange peel as Insect repellant

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4 Air freshener

Dried orange peel makes a good air freshener and mold repellent. Dry the peels and then grind them in a processor. Place them in small plastic sachets and put these in areas prone to mold such as basements drawers cupboards and closets.

orange peels as Air freshener

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5 Brown sugar softener

If your sugar has formed hard clumps then place some pieces of orange peel in the container. The peel will soon soften the sugar.

Brown sugar softener

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6 Body scrubber

Among uses of orange peel you can place orange peels in cheesecloth and tie it up like a loofah. Use this like a body scrubber.

Body scrubber

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7 Garbage bin deodorizer

Garbage bins at home can get smelly at times. Just grind the peels and place them in the bottom of the bin placing your garbage bags over it. The peels will act as a deodorizer.

Dried orange peel can be eaten too as they are a rich source of riboflavin, vitamin A, potassium and 1.5 grams protein.

Garbage bin deodorizer

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