Amazing!! This woman ran a marathon while on her period to prove a point

3 On the day of the marathon

Kiran Gandhi proudly ran the whole 26 miles of London Marathon with blood running down her private parts and staining her running track pants.

She said that she decided to run the marathon in order to support and take a stand for all the women around the world who do not have access to menstruation products and have to face the stigma of getting periods being a wrong thing.

She says that both men and women have been socially trained to see periods as untouchables. She said that,” By making it difficult to speak about, we don’t have language to express pain in the workplace, and we don’t acknowledge differences between women and men that must be recognized and established as acceptable norms. Because it is all kept quiet, women are socialized not to complain or talk about their own bodily functions, since no one can see it happening.”

 On the day of the marathon

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