25 Things found in Japan that will simply amaze you

Japan is such an amazing country that you’ll be surprised how etiquette literally rules the culture of every environment. So many amazing things have originated from Japan, most notably anime and manga. The impact these creative art forms have had on the world is massive. Some of the most popular animes like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are available all over the world with hundreds of thousands of fans watching and buying merch like the figures on Solaris Japan. While anime is a big part of their culture, there are lots more quirks and characteristics that make Japan so unique from the rest of the world. Travelling, work, shopping, and entertainment are all governed by rules of proper social behavior which make Japan so ingenious that it would be awesome of such protocols were followed in every country. From Vending machines that supply you with almost every commodity, you can think off to public utilities not seen anywhere else on earth.


If you’re travelling to Japan, here are 25 amazing things in Japan that will amaze you at how well the country is disciplined in its social behavior.

1 Drink cans for the blind

The Japanese are so preemptive about public convenience that they have also invented Beer cans for the blind. In this way a blind man will know what exactly he is drinking, Drink cans have names written in Braille on the top.

Drink cans for the blind

Image Source: www.moreinspiration.com

2 A chair that holds your bag

One of the most common things seen across the world is people hanging their bags over chairs at public places or restaurants. Japan has invented chairs where the bags don’t slip off.

chair that holds your bag

Image Source: www.brightside.me

3 Trains with foot spas

Where else can you hope to experience a foot spa on a train but in Japan? Suburban trains come with hot water baths so you can soak your feet and distress yourself while travelling.

Trains with foot spas

Image Source: www.brightside.me

4 Tissues are handed out for free on the street

For your public convenience, Tissues are handed out free on the street so if you have catch cold or the sniffles suddenly in Japan, There’s no need to worry about Tissues.

Tissues are handed out for free

Image Source: www.fujitv.co.jp

5 Multi-functional toilets

Toilets aren’t just for basic functions in Japan; They have multi utility functions where disabled can clean or heat themselves apart from several other useful features.

Multi-functional toilets

Image Source: www.brightside.me

6 “Poppers” Bubble wraps for distress

How thoughtful can you get? Now you must have experienced what a calming effect popping bubble wraps can have on you. Well in Japan, bubble wraps are provided for free so that people can de stress themselves from the tension faced at work. Try out a bubble wrap and see how you feel.

Bubble wraps for distress

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

7 Automatic taxi doors

The Japanese are fixated with automation which is why the majority of taxi in the country have automatic doors where you will never need to bother about opening or shutting car doors.

Automatic taxi doors

Image Source: www.musuvi.jp

8 Hotels for those to sleep

Japan has a great public feature called capsules for men or women who can’t go home in time to sleep. You can rent on of these capsules if you’ve had a late night at work and sleep it off till morning. Sleep capsules are also convenient for single men who don’t really want to rent a room far from work.

Hotels for those to sleep

Image Source: www.brightside.me


9 Musical roads

An amazing thing found in Japan is driving on certain roads in the country. You can hear a musical melody playing which is a real pleasant actor while travelling. This is a great way to beat a traffic jam in the process or even be entertained on any long drives.

Musical roads

Image Source: www.kinja-img.com

10 Cat cafes

Japan has a number of cat lovers because they seem to somehow love the coziness and warmth of a cat. This is why there are a number of cat cafes in Japan where cat owners can relax over a meal or a cup of coffee while their cats just laze around.

Cat cafes

Image Source: www.hanasuva.com

11 Kotatsu: The heated table

This is a really neat contraption. The Kotatsu is table with a blanket which is heated to a comfortable warm level from below. IT was first developed in the 14th century and can be seen commonly in Japan. Snuggling under these devices can really make a person experience the most pleasant feeling.

 Kotatsu: The heated tabl

Image Source: www.inhabitat.com


12 The chance to sleep at work

Among the amazing things found in Japan, can you even contemplate sleeping on the job? Well? Japan recognizes the importance of siesta and a human being’s common urge to sleep. The practice of sleeping at work is regarded as ‘Inemuri’ which translates as ‘present while sleeping’. So you can even take a nap next to your boss and he won’t mind because he may be snoozing too.

 The chance to sleep at work

Image Source: www.brightside.me

13 Weird parking lots

Parking is a huge problem in Japan because of it being a confined country by virtue of less space and a 127 million population. This makes parking in huge demand which is why you’ll see weird parking stacks such as these.

Weird parking lots japan

Image Source: www.animalworld.com.ua

14 Vending machines for everything

While it isn’t uncommon to see vending machines in a city stocked with beverages, candies, etc Japan instead has vending machines for just about everything. Besides soft drinks and cigarettes, you’ll find vending machines selling newspapers, hot foods, books, umbrellas and even adult goods.

Vending machines for everything

Image Source: www.redd.it


15Love hotels

Love hotels are very popular in Japan and some parts of Asia. These are private places where couples can go for a tryst without the fear of someone barging in on you. Japanese love hotels come with different themes like carousels and water slides in the rooms that are designed like spaceships, cars or trains. All for a healthy fantasy romp. I wonder how many couples have watched anime hentai videos together in these rooms? And get this!! You don’t come face to face with a receptionist. You pay a vending machine and collect the key from the window.

Love hotels japan

Image Source: www.slightlywarped.com

16 Face Masks

People in Japan love wearing face masks. This is common when there is a high pollen count in the atmosphere. Even people riding trains will be seen wearing face masks to protect against pollen, dust and germs. The face mask is almost a fashion now in Japan.

 Face Masks

Image Source: www.prescientuk.com

17 Unmanned vegetable stands

There is a lot of trust between people in Japan. This is why around the countryside you will see a lot of vegetable stands stocked with vegetables but no sellers. The prices are already marked so you just have to take your vegetables and place the money in a box. Many foreign tourists are surprised when seeing such a sight.

Unmanned vegetable stands


18 Otooshi in restaurants

Otooshi in Izakaya or traditional restaurants is a welcoming snack that is served free of cost to customers to munch on while they wait for their orders. Otooshi is another way of the restaurant making customers feel they are being cared for.

Otooshi in restaurants

Image Source: www.jpninfo.com

19 Rice paddy art

Rice paddy art was started in Aomori prefecture in 1993 to revitalize the town’s popularity. Rice paddy art is made from different types of rice that when planted in designs will reveal an art theme. It is a great way for people to produce anime characters through the art form which is now practiced in 100 places in Japan.

Rice paddy art

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

20Kewpie mayonnaise

Well at first glance you may think this is just like any other mayonnaise. But, while the rest of the world and the US use mayo to flavor salads, burgers and sandwiches, the Japanese use it on their ice creams, potato chips, noodles and pancakes.

Kewpie mayonnaise

Image Source: www.jpninfo.com

21 Weird flavored ice cream

While you may be used to your fruity, berry and chocolate flavors, the Japanese have a very different idea when it comes to ice cream flavoring. Some of the popular ice cream flavors in Japan are charcoal, horsemeat and octopus.

Weird flavored ice cream

Image Source: www.tofugu.com


22The world’s shortest escalator

If you thought Americans are lazy well get this!! The world’s shortest escalator is located in More’s department store in Kawasaki Japan. The escalator has only 5 steps and is just 33 inches high.

The world's shortest escalator japan

Image Source: www.list25.com

23Suicide forest

Well as depressing as it sounds, facts are facts. This forest located at the base of Mount Fiji, is called “Aokigahara” which translates as Suicide forest. It is 4 square miles in area and has thick dense tree cover that blocks wind and is eerie and silent. It has been named so because for some reason it has become a common spot for suicides. About 100 suicides per year are reported in the forest.

Suicide forest

Image Source: www.mentalfloss.com


24 Bizarre Kit Kat

Everyone the world over loves Kit Kat but if you come to Japan you may not exactly like your Kit Kat. Typical Kit Kat flavors in Japan are weird like potato, soya sauce, and wasabi. In fact, they are the most popular flavors in Japan.

Bizarre Kit Kat

Iagge Source: www.pinimg.com

25 Thigh Pillows for lonely hearts

Among the bizarre things in Japan are typical lap pillows like these shaped like a woman’s thighs? They are perfect for the lonely men who wouldn’t mind a fake girlfriend to cuddle up to at night.

Thigh Pillows for lonely hearts

Image Source: www.pri.org


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