The Amazing Reason Why This German Superstore Emptied All Its Shelves for One Day


In a bid to attract awareness of racial integration ahead of federal elections, one of Germany’s largest supermarket chains came up with a brilliant idea to show the results of being a single race country. It went and cleared all its shelves of products except those made in Germany and needless to say this was the result.

The shelves on the German superstore Edeka were half empty and resembled a company going out of business. The German store emptied shelves of all foreign products.

1 Only German Products sold for a day

Immigration is a hot issue of debate in Germany. Even more so now that the federal elections are due in September. In order to promote the importance of immigration and foreigners, The German superstore Edeka went and cleared out all its shelves of foreign products and retained only those made in Germany. The entire day shoppers were subjected to just the made in Germany label on the shelves which went half empty.

The classic move of the German store emptying its shelves was a spotlight on how cultural diversity is important. When shoppers were greeted with empty shelves, they thought the store staff had forgotten to stock the shelves that day. No foreign products were to be seen anywhere. But to sort out the confusion and prove their point, the staff placed signs all over the store explain the reasons for empty shelves.
Some of the signs read “So empty is a shelf without foreigners.” This shelf is quite boring without diversity.”

Only German Products in supermarket

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2 Signs informed customers why the shelves were empty

In Germany, some of the most common and best-selling products in the Edeka store are Spanish tomatoes and Greek olives which were unavailable that day. A spokesman for Edeka said that the store thrives on cultural diversity and a huge range of assorted products made in other countries are sold in various regions throughout Germany. They also believed that customers appreciated the value of the culturial diversity in products sold at the store.

Empty supermarket shelves

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3 A huge positive public response against racism

With the Mixed German attitude towards immigration, Edeka found both shocking and exciting responses towards their campaign. In recent months, Chancellor Angela Merkel has been under fire for her liberal policies on immigration after allowing a million refugees into Germany.

When the German store emptied its shelves, Twitter and other social media platforms were soon featuring positive responses where some even asked why other establishments weren’t doing the same thing. Some even suggested immigrant working going on strike. One shocked shopper remarked that the store looked like one in communist Cuba. There are many who feel that the supermarket chain will involve others to participate in the campaign even as debate continues in Germany against immigration. Julia Klöckner, a member of Merkel’s political party, believes Edeka’s racism campaign was a “wise move.”

positive public response against racism

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