16 Weird But Amazing Facts Which You Should Be Aware Of

Some of us have hunger of increasing our knowledge and books can be of great help in such scenario but now internet can also be of great help to us in knowing about new things or learning new lessons. The internet is definitely helping us in gaining knowledge as we can easily read about new inventions, innovations, events, etc, but sometimes we get to know about such things which are bizarre but quite awesome as well. Let us tell you about such 16 incidents which can easily be called bizarre but are very interesting as well.


1The script of the movie “Terminator” was sold for just $1:

Sounds unbelievable but it is true, James Cameron may be a big name in the present times but at that time he was an unknown but an ambitious moviemaker. He sold the rights of the script just for $1 on one condition that he will be the one who will direct the movie. However, later he regretted the decision as the movie which was released in 1984 was a big hit.

Image Source: pinimg.com


225 percent of our bones are in our feet:

Almost each one of us is aware of the fact that we have 206 bones in our body but do you know that 52 bones are in our feet (26 in each foot). Though it may sound weird in the beginning but we should also consider the fact that our feet not only bear the weight of whole body but also helps in running, walking or jumping.

Image Source: www.indianbeauty.tips


3The Apollo 11 crew members signed hundreds of autographs

There was a pretty good chance that Neil Armstrong and his team may not have returned from moon alive and no insurance company was ready to insure them considering the risk involved in the mission. In order to safeguard their family’s future, they signed huge number of autographs which their family members could have sell if the Apollo 11 team would have not returned.

Image Source: aas.org


4An organism with butt that disappears

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com

Comb jelly which is also known as warty comb jelly or Mnemiopsis leidyi or sea walnut has a butt which disappears. The researchers said that the butt is not visible when the organism is not pooping, it is not even seen under microscope, it just disappears.


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