15 Amazing Facts To Impress Your Friends With

6No one knew about potatoes outside America

Potatoes are a very common vegetable and are found across the globe and are really cheap but did you know no one outside America even knew about potatoes until around six centuries ago? Yes, what is now a staple food for homes across the globe wasn’t even known about. It was about six centuries ago when the existence of potatoes became known to people outside America.

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7How potatoes were discovered

It was in 1532 when a group of Spaniards came to the Andean region being led by Francisco Pizarro. It was at this moment when the people discovered the round vegetables. It took three decades after this that Spanish farmers were growing and exporting potatoes to the Netherlands and France. The word potato comes from the Spanish word ‘patata’.  In 1596, Swiss naturalist, Gaspard Bauhin gave the first scientific description of a potato.

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8Only 30% of oxygen is produced by terrestrial plants

Yes, you read the title right. Only 30% of Earth’s oxygen is produced by rainforests and other terrestrial plants. So where does the rest of the oxygen come from? The remaining is produced by phytoplankton in the marine environments across the planet. Yes, over half of the oxygen we breathe comes from marine environments.

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9How does this work?

There aren’t many conversations that include marine plants or even marine life. But, we now have a very good reason to talk about marine plants. The oxygen we breathe is produced when plants use photosynthesis to make their food. But 70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the marine plants and just 30% comes from terrestrial plants.

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10Tic Tacs are just sugar

Tic Tacs are now iconic and world famous as the tiny white or colorful mouth fresheners. They are sold all across the world and have a large fan following. Many of the mint boxes have the label ‘zero sugar’ but the truth is the mint is actually purely sugar. 100 grams of Tic Tacs contain 91.3 grams of sugar. The reason why they are labeled ‘zero sugar’ is because each tiny mint contains just 0.5 grams of sugar.

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