15 Amazing Facts To Impress Your Friends With

Do you hate being at parties or out with your friends and having nothing to talk about? Do you want a great conversation starter or something that can make your friend’s jaw drop? We have you coved with some incredible fun facts that will surely start a good conversation or rejuvenate a dying one.


These facts will blow your mind as we’re sure you didn’t know a majority of them and will do the same to whomever you tell them to. You can call them brain teasers if you like and we are sure these will impress anyone you tell them too and these will get a conversation started easily.

1Begich Towers

Whittier is a tiny city that is only 51 square kilometers big and is located around 93 kilometers southeast of Anchorage. It is estimated that there are only 214 people living in this city. The most interesting part about this city is that the entire population lives in just one building, the Begich Towers. This tower is 14-story high and houses 150 apartments and was built in 1957.

Image Source: www.adn.com

2Fun facts about Begich Towers

It’s not just a housing complex but the building also has basic services like a post office, a hospital, a general store, a laundry, a conference room. That is not all; the building also contains the mayor’s office, the Whittier Police Department, and even a Methodist church. Thanks to all this the building has come to be known as a ‘town under one roof’.

Image Source: wikimapia.org

3The sound of a bald eagle in movies

A bald eagle is seen in many movies that have scenes showing a canyon or a wide-open wasteland. Their sound is quite recognizable and iconic now but did you know that isn’t what they sound like? When you see a bald eagle in a movie the accompanying sound is that of a red-tailed hawk as the real sound of a bald eagle is not as impressive as it sounds like a cackling laugh.

Image Source: defenders.org

4Will the chicken lay a brown egg or white eggs?

Can you look at a chicken and correctly predict what color egg it will lay? Don’t worry we’ll tell you how to do this. Look at the chicken’s ear lobe. If the chicken has red earlobes then it will produce brown eggs and if the ear lobes are white it will lay white eggs. One breed of chicken called ‘Araucana’ can lay eggs in many different colors.

Image Source: imgur.com

5White cats are born deaf

White cats are born with a condition called ‘congenital sensorineural deafness’. It has been reported that around 65-85% of all white cats are born deaf and have two blue eyes. If a white cat has one blue eye then it will be deaf on the side of the blue eye. Not all cats are born with blue eyes as some are born with white eyes which are just an extreme form of white spotting and those cats are not deaf. 


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