A walk down memory lane. Read the ten most amazing facts about the hit single “We Are the World”

10 The Recording Took 9 And a Half Hours

The recording for “We are the world” began at 10.30 pm and ended at 8 am. Apart from the 21 soloists which included famous performers like Cyndi Lauder, Kenny Loggins, Bob Dylan, Daryl Hall and Stevie Wonder, several noted and famous artistes formed the chorus lineup. Some of these included Bette Milder, Dan Across, Smokey Robinson, Harry Belafonte, La Toya Jackson, Randy Jackson, Richard Pryor, Waylon Jennings and John Oates.

The Recording Took 9 And a Half Hours

Image Source: www.feelnumb.com

These are the amazing facts about “We Are the World”, which celebrated its 31st anniversary this year and the only regrettable factor of such a celebration is that one of its pioneers wasn’t there to celebrate. Michael Jackson!!

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