A walk down memory lane. Read the ten most amazing facts about the hit single “We Are the World”

6 Some of the singers hadn’t even heard the song

In those days there were no MP3s but cassettes. As a result, most artistes hadn’t even heard the song. Richie and Jackson had just only finished tracking the single at Kenny Rogers’s studio a week before. Even Rogers hadn’t heard the song. “We didn’t know what we were going to sing until that night,” he said.

7 Bob Dylan Was Actually Nervous About His Solo

Oates, who stood behind Dylan during the recording commented that Dylan was very nervous about his lines “There’s a choice we’re making”. Richie remembers Dylan asking him how he wanted him to sound. Oates said, “I think he felt uncomfortable singing that particular melody, and he worked around it in his own way.”

Bob Dylan Was Actually Nervous About His Solo

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