A walk down memory lane. Read the ten most amazing facts about the hit single “We Are the World”

2 “We Are the World” Was Inspired By the UK Charity Single ‘Do They Know Its Christmas’

Another great hit single had just been recorded a few months earlier in 1984 by a multi star collaboration, lead by Sir Bob Geldof. Calling themselves Band-Aid they released the iconic song “Do they know it’s Christmas”. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie went on to pen their own version for charity. Produced by Quincy Jones, “We Are the World” raised about $ 75 million for the organization ‘USA for Africa.’ The song won three Grammy awards for record and song of the year in 1986. It also reached quadruple platinum certification, selling 20 million copies globally making it the highest selling single of the 1980s.

We Are the World Was Inspired By the UK Charity Single ‘Do They Know Its Christmas’

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3 It wasn’t Michael Jackson but Stevie Wonder who was supposed to co-author the song

Lionel Richie couldn’t contact Stevie Wonder for the song as he was on tour at the time. It was then that Quincy Jones suggested Michael. Richie and Michael then wrote the song hoping that Stevie Wonder might join-in later, but he couldn’t.

It wasn’t Michael Jackson but Stevie wonder who was supposed to co author the song

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