10 Facts about suicide squad you need to know about

The suicide squad is raging all over the world where the hit movie is the most discussed subject trending in entertainment forums. The popular DC comic character hit team with its bunch of eccentric crime fighting criminals put away by the bat from Gotham has always attracted those with an affinity for gothic subjects.


The bizarre characters like Deadshot and Diablo with principles of their own and Harley Quinn the sexiest and most colorful of the lot with no scruples have engrossed the older generation and are now enthralling the new with their presence on the silver screen. For all you Suicude Squad fans out there here are the facts about Suicide Squad you never knew.

1 Suicide Squad Was Initially Known As Task Force X on Television

When Suicide Squad featured in an animated series “Justice League unlimited on televisions the name was changed to Task force X because the word suicide was not allowed for use by sensors due to a child audience.

Suicide Squad

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2 Harley Quinn Was Never Meant To Be a Character in DC

Harley Quinn was originally chosen as a henchwoman of the joker during one of his eccentric capers in the animated batman series of the nineties. The stunt required joker dressed as a woman jumping out of a cake, but makers of the series Eric Radimski and Tim Burton director of the first batman film staring Michael Keaton thought it to be a bad idea projecting the joker as a cross dresser and created a henchwoman instead. They named Her Harley Quinn.


The amazing fan response to Harley Quinn led to her becoming a major character in the series when Paul Dimi created a story about Harley Quinn’s origin and thus Harley Quinn was born. Paul Dimi based the character on his friend the actress Arleen Sorkin. Harley Quinn was captured by the black canary after she killed a prosecutor who put the joker behind bars. She was then tortured and inducted into the Suicide squad.

Harley Quinn

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3 The Suicide Squad Isn’t a New Entry in DC

The Suicide Squad made its entry into DC appearing in the first Vol of The Brave and the Bold #25 in 1959. The concept was created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru as an unorthodox program overseen by Director Amanda Waller. It projected a team of maximum security death row prisoners as an anti hero strike team fighting for commuted sentences.

The Suicide Squad

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4 Suicide Squad Was Based On Pop Culture of a Famous WWII Hit Team

The concept of Suicide Squad was based upon the famous dirty dozen a world war II film starring Lee Marvin ,Charles Bronson and Telly Savalas among others. Another origin theory was based upon the suicide squadron which was a hit team of misfit soldiers in World War II whose name was shortened to the Suicide Squad. The crazy missions were based upon Mission Impossible, NO!! Not the tom Cruise movies but the hit miniseries in the sixties.

Suicide Squad Was Based On Pop Culture

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5 Cara Delivingne Was Furious After Her Audition for the Enchantress

Among the facts about suicide Squad the movie, apparently Cara Delivingne who plays the Enchantress auditioned for the movie by reading from the play Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe. She was made to read it several times and in multiple ways in order to assess her ability to portray the split personality of her character June Moore. By the end of the Audition she was ready to beat someone up because it made her so crazy.

Cara Delivingne Was Furious After Her Audition

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6 Barbara Gordon’s Re Invention of Herself as Oracle First Appeared In Suicide Squad

Commissioner Gordon’s daughter Barbara Gordon who became Batgirl reinvented herself as the crafty and courageous information broker and computer hacker Oracle. Her first appearance as Oracle was in the #23rd edition of Suicide Squad. How cool is that.

Barbara Gordon’s Re Invention

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7 Harley Quinn Is the Real Star and Main Focus of the Suicide Squad

In The new incarnation of the comic series the Suicide Squad, It is Harley Quinn who takes center stage due to her dramatical persona and the emotional battle raging in her between her love for the Joker and the urge to become an independent personality on her own. Harley’s twisted love story is as twisted as her nature but there a rationale side to her too that fights for an impending decision.

Harley Quinn Is the Real Star

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8 A Psychotherapist Had To Be Brought In on the Sets of Suicide Squad

Due to the intensity and complexity of the insane characters, director Ayer insisted the cast relate to the characters in method as much as possible. But he also made sure that didn’t affect them emotionally so he hired a psychotherapist to remain on set to help the cast shake off the emotional baggage of the characters while not shooting so that they wouldn’t take off.

Sets of Suicide Squad

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9 This Wasn’t the First Live Feature of the Suicide Squad

Perhaps a more sedated version of the suicide squad featured in the TV series Arrow. The character of Harley Quinn was known as deranged Squad female and played by actress A Cassidy Alexa. However her voice was dubbed by Tara Strong who is also the voice of Harley Quinn in DC video games.

suicide squad featured in the TV series Arrow

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10 The Suicide Squad Addressed One of DC’s Weaknesses

A big fact about suicide squad was the reason for its inception. The biggest criticism faced by DC was the continued escapes of its arch criminals from Arkham Prison which became a monotonous for readers. To address this lapse in interest DC invented the suicide squad who strengthened the weakness faces by the comic. Here was a group of deranged antiheroes fighting bad guys.

fact about suicide squad

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