12 Amazing facts about Pokemon that will blow your mind

Ever since Pokemon made its debut on the world stage of animation, it took generations by storm with many still playing earlier versions such as Pokemon blue at gamulator.com for one example. The indomitable and lovable pocket monster Pikachu captured hearts and a new icon was born. Toys and cards followed soon after which were equally big hits with the public taking on the form of precious collectibles in the arena of comic con. If you know someone who loves Pokemon and wants to collect as much as they can, there are Pokemon gifts for all ages online for you to see at Gift Observer, you won’t have to worry about what to get them next!


Who can forget how Pickachu made our kids crazy ten years ago. The new Pokemon app game has suddenly breathed new life into the world of Pokemon. Coincidentally the generation that grew up on Pokemon as kids have suddenly got a chance to follow their childhood fantasies again. So for those still wondering here are some crazy facts about Pokemon.

1 A super Pokemon would be vulnerable to rocks

It isn’t possible to have a single Pokemon as a combination of two personalities. But, if a Pokemon was invented as a combo of 10 different types, it would be near invincible except for one thing. Rocks!! Rocks attack would be the only thing effective to destroy this Pokemon.

super Pokemon would be vulnerable to rocks

Image Source: www.brainjet.com

2 Mrs. Mime would actually be a Mr. Mime

A Pokemon could be a female and be called Mr Mime because you can’t really change the name can you.

Pokemon could be a female

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

3 How Pokemon got its name

In the nineties, developer Satoshi Tajiri used the concept of mashing English words to create japanse words. Thus Pokémon was a combo of pocket monster.

How Pokemon got its name

Image Source: www.nintendolife.com

4 Doduo Can Fly!

It was revealed that Doudo could learn the move ‘FLY’ when running in a stadium. It runs at lightning speed and the thrust of its motion enables it to fly. It can also be seen floating in air.

 Doduo Can Fly!

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

5 Pokemon’s were known as numbers too

Among facts about Pokemons, did you know that they also contain numbers as their names? The original trio that was Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres were given the Spanish names of one two and three or Uno Dos, Tres. Yes!! Same as the Ricky Martin song. Deino’s various evolutions also included the German numerical ein zwei and drei which of course were one, two and three.

facts about Pokémons

Image Source: www.brainjet.com

6 The original legendary Pokemon

Arcanine was proposed as a legendary Pokemon but the game team replaced it with Moltres just before the game was released making the fire dog a standard Pokemon. There may have been many regrets over that decision until Entei was introduced in the next generation.

legendary Pokemon

Image Source: www.deviantart.net

7 Pokemon Munna earliest reference

The Pink quadruped Pokemon Munna was introduced in generation 5 but had a reference in the first original game. A woman who was standing outside the rock tunnel of Pokemon red and blue had a dream about a chubby pink Pokemon that featured floral patterns on its body. It was conceived way back then.

Pokemon Munna earliest reference

Image Source: www.narvii.com

8 Futuristic Pokémon

Genesect was portrayed as a futuristic Pokemon while Kabutops is an ancient fossil. However what most don’t know is that if rumors are true then Genesect is nothing but a modification of kabutops. Despite of the differences in attack features, there is a big resemblance between the two.

Futuristic Pokémon

Image Source: www.nocookie.net


9 A he and a she

The Pokemon Azurill is one of a kind as it has the ability to change its gender. The Pokemon is a topic of hot debate whether it is still yet to evolve into a definite gender which is why it displays both qualities.

The Pokemon Azurill

Image Source: www.nocookie.net

10 Special Snowflake Spinda

Spinda is a Pokemon that is used sparingly but its most interesting trait is that Spindas are never alike. The game created 4 billion different spot patterns to enable Spinda to possess such a quality.

Special Snowflake Spinda

Image Source: www.brainjet.com

11 The design on Poliwag’s stomach

The swirl design on Poliwag’s stomach may seem just like a fun symbol but it is based on something in reality. The intestines of real tadpoles are actually swirled in shape and this is what is mimicked on Poliwag’s stomach.

The design on Poliwag's stomach

Image Source: www.twimg.com


12 Pikachu and Meowth on opposing sides

One fact about Pokemon is that it was intentionally conceived that Pokemon and Meowth would be on opposing sides because both were based on the real life creatures being a cat and mouse. So in effect they could well be the Tom and Jerry of the Pokémon world. Even their Pokedex numbers are opposite being 25 and 52.

Pikachu and Meowth on opposing sides

Image Source: www.nocookie.net


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