This amazing Brazilian tree can actually grow fruits on its trunk

Jabuticabeira is a Brazilian tree which has an interesting name as well as characteristics. It grows its fruits on its trunks which look like tasty berries and they actually are! The name is derived from a Tupi word Jabuti (tortoise) + Caba (place), meaning the place where you can find tortoise. The fruit in question, Jabuticaba is purplish-black in colour with a white core. The tree is usually grown in the south of Brazil especially in states of Minas Gerias and Sao Paulo. This fruit is not only popular in Brazil but is greatly ravished in Argentina, Peru, Paraguay and Bolivia.

1 How does this plant look like?

Jabuticabeira is a medium size thin but sturdy plant which can grow up to the height of 10-15 feet in California and 12-45 feet in Brazil depending upon the climatic conditions. The leaves when young are salmon coloured, which also turns green upon reaching maturity. The tree has ample branches beginning close to the ground and then spreading upwards and outwards, so that the tree may attain its characteristic dense rounded crown. This tree is highly adaptable and reacts best with moist, lightly acidic soil which is common near any beach area.

Jabuticabeira  plant

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2 How does the actual fruit taste like?

Jabuticaba as its known here resembles like a berry with a sweet and tangy taste. It has 3-4 cms diameter and thick pulp which is moist and juicy.

How does Jabuticaba fruit taste like

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3 What are the uses of this tasty fruit?

This fruit is very versatile and is used for myriad purposes ranging from being consumed as fruit to being used in jams, jellies, tarts, strong wines, liqueurs. It’s actually Brazil’s answer to French grapes! But this comes with a catch, this rare fruit has a very small shelf life that means it’s highly perishable and lasts for just about 72 hours due to which it’s rarely shipped outside Brazil. Furthermore it has been scientifically discovered that the fruit has great many medicinal properties which helps in treating respiratory conditions such as asthma, treating diarrhoea, and arresting hair loss. With its great vitamin and mineral content, it makes an excellent tonic for detoxing food intake and is especially beneficial as protein supplement for vegans.

So next time when you are visiting the beautiful country of Brazil, make sure you have the taste of this rare fruit which you’ll get nowhere else- but on the stem of the rare tree – Jabuticabeira.

uses of Jabuticabeira fruit

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