Amazing borders between Countries that are so spectacular they will leave you spellbound


Borders are sensitive locations and can also be areas of utmost tension and rivalry. However there are a number of countries in the world who share the most carefree borders with cordial relations where there is no gun toting soldier of any kind but instead majestic scenery r even a café or building. These are the most amazing borders between countries which are more symbolic of the individual location rather than some boundary worth dying for. Check these 10 beautiful borders some unguarded and some so picturesque the scenery is breathtaking.

1 Germany – Czech Republic

The border between Germany and the Czech Republic is spectacular. The bridge that you see in the image is famous for tourist’s being the bridge across the Bastei rocks which was built in 1851.The entire area is like a mini grand canyon. Flowing below the rocks and seen from the bridge is the river Elbe.

Germany - Czech Republic

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2 Sweden – Finland

On either side of the Torne River that forms the border between Sweden and Finland are two cities Tornio (Finland) and Haparanda (Sweden). For years the cities share a friendly rivalry and are perfect examples of the cordial border relations between the two countries. In fact the green club golf is shared by both countries where you can play golf in both Sweden and Finland.

Sweden - Finland

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3 Norway – Sweden

This skiing slope is actually the border between Sweden and Norway. The Absurd part of this image is that on the left is Norway where snowmobiles riding for leisure are illegal, while to the right of the image lies Sweden where snowmobiles are allowed.

Norway - Sweden

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4 Poland – Ukraine

This giant fish sculpted on the greenery is symbolic of the open border between both these countries. It was created by a polish artist called Jaroslaw Koziara. This is one creative border.

Poland – Ukraine

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5 Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay

This is one innovative area that acts as the tri junction border between these three countries. Argentina on the left, Brazil is located on the left and Paraguay lies in the middle. The tri junction is formed by the convergence of two rivers, the Parana and the Iguazu.

Argentina - Brazil – Paraguay border

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6 Brazil – Uruguay

This stretch of pavement serves as a border between Uruguay on the right and Brazil on the left. Imagine walking in two countries at once. The Stretch of road dissects the twin cities of Riviera in Uruguay and Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil. This particular stretch of sidewalk runs for 23 km long. Shoppers regular cross over to each other’s supermarkets and there is no border control as it isn’t required.

Brazil - Uruguay border

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7 Canada – United States

This has got to be among the most amazing borders between countries. This border area between Canada and the United states actually passes through this town called Derby Line where it passes right through buildings so that it’s entirely possible that your living room features in one country while your bedroom in another.

Canada - United States border

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8 Belgium – Netherlands

This is another fantastic border area where you enter this café from The Netherlands and exit the other end into Belgium. This is another case where buildings are dissected by international border lines. The Belgium and Netherlands border lies between two municipal towns of Baarle Nassau in Netherlands and Baarle Hertog Belgium. Besides the amusing border café, there are supermarkets too which have their entry points form Netherlands and exits in Belgium or vice versa.

Belgium - Netherlands

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9 China – Mongolia

Here’s another creative border between China and Mongolia. These two gigantic Dinosaurs kissing each other was sculpted just o the border in the Chinese town of Erlian. The whole area is covered with dinosaur sculptures and also features a theme park called Dinosaur Fairyland

China - Mongolia border

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10 Russia – United States

Although extremely scenic and sensitive, this is also one of the most amazing border between countries. It lies between two of the world’s superpowers, United States and Russia. The island is located 35 km from Alaska in the US and Chukota in Russia. However there is a time difference of 21 hours between the two. The islands are known as the Diomede Islands where the big Diomede lies in Russia and the smaller Diomede in the USA.

Russia - United States

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