Amazing borders between Countries that are so spectacular they will leave you spellbound

Borders are sensitive locations and can also be areas of utmost tension and rivalry. However there are a number of countries in the world who share the most carefree borders with cordial relations where there is no gun toting soldier of any kind but instead majestic scenery r even a café or building. These are the most amazing borders between countries which are more symbolic of the individual location rather than some boundary worth dying for. Check these 10 beautiful borders some unguarded and some so picturesque the scenery is breathtaking.

1 Germany – Czech Republic

The border between Germany and the Czech Republic is spectacular. The bridge that you see in the image is famous for tourist’s being the bridge across the Bastei rocks which was built in 1851.The entire area is like a mini grand canyon. Flowing below the rocks and seen from the bridge is the river Elbe.

Germany - Czech Republic

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