12 Surprising alternate uses of Baby Oil you never knew about

Babies are so delicate which is why they need the most sensitive and gentlest of items for their skin. This is where baby oil comes in. Ever seen baby oil was conceived in the 1930’s millions of babies around the world have benefitted from safe skin care. But did you know that besides moisturizing a baby’s bottom, baby oil has many other surprising uses? Here are 10 alternate uses of baby oil.


1 Paint Remover

Yes!! Baby oil can be used to remove pain off your hands and hair. Instead of following the general suggestion of using turpentine, use baby oil. Your hands will smell great too. Apply the oil and use a scrubber to scrub it away.

Paint Remover

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2 Mositurize your skin in winter

Besides moisturizing your baby’s skin, it’s great for your chapped lips and dry hands too in winter. Baby oil prevents the effects of cold.

Mositurize your skin in winter

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3 Cures Split Ends

Applying baby oil to the split ends of your hair will rejuvenate it and make it shiny and healthier.

Cures Split Ends

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4 Improved Baths

Adding five to six drops of baby oil to your bath will freshen up your skin and leave it smooth. It may make your bathtub slightly slippery so be careful.

Improved Baths

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5 Untangle jewelry

Sometimes your jewelry may get all tangled because of being compressed in your jewelry box. Just apply a few drops of baby oil to help you untangle the knots faster.

Untangle jewelry

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6 Cure Cracked Heels

Just as baby oil can prevent chapping and dry skin; it can also cure cracked heels. Massage your heels with baby oil and notice the difference.

Cure Cracked Heels

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7 Removing Makeup

Among alternate uses of baby oil, it is great for removing makeup. Just apply a drop of oil to a cotton swab and remove your mascara and eye shadow with it. The baby oil also hydrates your eyelids.

Removing Makeup

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8 Smooth Legs

Instead of using shaving cream use baby oil on your legs after you’ve shaved. Baby oil is soothing and of course it moisturizes your skin.

Smooth Legs

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9 Body Massage

Baby oil makes excellent massage oil. Just as its good for massaging your baby, it’s as good for you too. Baby oil is nourishing and rejuvenates skin.

Body Massage

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10 Stuck Zipper

When you get a stuck zipper on your jacket, then apply some baby oil and it slips and sliding immediately.

Stuck Zipper

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11 Cleans Your Ears

Did you know that even using cotton buds to clan your ears is dangerous? Just apply a drop of Baby oil and the ear wax softens and dissolves. Warm the oil a bit and put 5 drops of it in your ears. Leave it there for a day or two. Then using a bulb syringe rinse the ear canal with warm water. Straighten the ear canal to clean it out then tilt your hair to get the water out.

Cleans Your Ears

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12 Restore Wooden Furniture

Polish your wooden furniture with just a few drops of baby oil and see them shining as good as new.

Restore Wooden Furniture

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