Alert!! World Bank reports that Climate change may push 100m people into poverty by 2030


According to the World Bank report “Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty,” the increasing global warming will push 100m people into poverty by 2030. Climatic change is not being given enough importance and that is scary; and this report stands as a proof of this negligence.

It is true that some measures are being taken but they are not stringent enough and this issue needs to be addressed very seriously. The report has come in time for the COP-21 Paris Global Summit on Climate Change and hopefully it rings all the right alarms.

1 The poor will be the worst hit

According to the report , the poor will be the ones taking the worst hit as they are more exposed and are more dependent on the land. Global warming is going to take a toll, which will result in the poor losing their meagre incomes. We have already been witnessing the heat waves and drought situation in Africa; the situation is going to worsen.


The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim stated, “Climate change hits the poorest the hardest, and our challenge now is to protect tens of millions of people from falling into extreme poverty because of a changing climate.”

Also, the uneven distribution of wealth is going to cost us a lot. The rich will take the hit but the poor will be nearly destroyed. All the development in developing countries will take a back seat as people will be struggling to make ends meet. Unless, a strict redistribution and stringent policy on the carbon-dioxide emissions comes to place, we cannot expect any change in the near future and the doom is set to begin.

The poor will be the worst hit

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