Alabama school stamps a boy’s arm with a message for his dad who goes crazy


More often than not, it appears that guardians are the one that make a big hullabaloo and fuss over school policies that do not suit their lifestyle. However, the situation can sometime take a turn where some schools do formulate absurd rules that rub parents the wrong way. Every parent wants best for their child so it shouldn’t be a surprise when parents act the way they do in certain conflicting circumstances.

Jon Bivens from Alabama reacted very strongly and was livid when he found his son’s arm stamped by the school with the message “I need lunch money’. This was definitely a policy that could traumatize a child. No school has any right to insult or perform a punishment that seeks to insult a child. But although it is against the law, certain teachers in school just can’t seem to help themselves in humiliating children. Jon’s son was just in the third grade and it could have severe traumatic recuperssions for the child.

1 Humiliating policy for children

Most schools follow an account policy for children to get lunch at school. When a child’s account is low, the parent is notified to make a deposit and the process is usually a formal but polite one. But this school in particular and like some others too are actually stamping children’s arms with the statement “I Need lunch money” This is deplorable and unbecoming of a school. The stamp is like an insult and demeaning to the child when he is stamped in front of his peers. It can be extremely traumatic and humiliating.

When Jon Biven’s son’s arm was stamped, it even had a smiley face on it. Did the school actually think a smiley neutralizes such a gesture? That stamp in case most schools don’t know has opened up a room for bullies to take over.

Humiliating policy for children

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2 Jon was extremely angry

It is unpardonable that schools actually lack common sense to understand the implications of such a policy. That stamp could be translated into many things where children are concerned. Children at school have a wider concept of situations, as such it makes out that the boy is poor, or he has no money. It could mean you’re stupid or your parents don’t care about you. Such assumptions can well traumatize any child .The worst part of this condition is that the child has to wear that stamp like some criminal the entire day until the parents see it.

It was then that Jon decided to speak up against the practice.”They herd these kids like cattle. When you start stamping a message on a child’s body instead of calling … it’s not OK.”. What’s pathetic is that some school officials who have spoken against stamping have been fired. Take Noelle Roni a school principal in Denver for instance. When she decided to speak up against such a rule of stamping, she was sacked after 9 years. Says Roni, “The kids are humiliated. They’re branded. It’s disrespectful. Where’s the human compassion?

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3 The School finally relented

When Jon took up the issue with school authorities after his sons arm was stamped with the words I need lunch money, the school relented and stopped stamping his sons arm. However the practice itself wasn’t discontinued which didn’t really make sense. The school where Jon’s son studied stated that they resort to both stamping and sending an email to the parents. However they have reviewed the policy and stopped stamping kids of those parents who raise objections.

Although schools do follow a system and every aspect of a schools infrastructure needs to be coordinated with support from the parents, still such practices do nothing for a child whose best interests should always be taken into account. Such situations do not warrant involving a child and the parent should be notified directly. However for now if you want a school to stop stamping kids entirely, every parents needs to raise a voice like Jon to stop this horrible and traumatic practice.

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