This Abandoned Flintstones Theme Park in Arizona Is Filled With Some Mindboggling Creepy Nostalgia


When we first heard Fred Flintstone go Yabba Dabba Doo on the first show in 1966, it took the world by storm. Children and adults alike went crazy over this prehistoric themed animated series about the quarry manager Fred Flintstone unhappy with his job and his lovable family. America was so enamored with the character that soon several theme parks about the Stone Age city bedrock sprung up all over the country. Unfortunately though, almost all closed down except one in the middle of the Arizona desert. It is known as the bedrock ghost town.

1Isolated bedrock ghost town in the middle of the desert

Bedrock city in Arizona is an abandoned Flintstones theme park which surprisingly has still retained its bedrock type houses and cartoon figurers although no one really goes there. It is used as a stopover ground for RV’s and campers on their way to the Grand Canyon. Bedrock city is opened throughout the year but is devoid of visitors except the campers and few tourists. Although highly nostalgic, there is a creepiness that makes it appear a ghost town.

Isolated bedrock ghost town

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2Soundtrack still plays every day

The soundtrack of the cartoon theme song is still played over loudspeakers and echoes over the dilapidated houses of bedrocks crazy residents. It looks as if it was a nuclear test site insight. The park was built over 40 years ago in 1972 when the Roadside 66 attraction was the trend and craze.

bedrock town view

3Employees were laid off

Employees were laid off

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Over the years perhaps because of the location, the park s footfall began dwindling. Employees began being laid off and finally the atmosphere deteriorated till it became an uninhabited little theme town. The 20-acre property is now up for sale at a listing price of $20 million.

uninhabited little theme town

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4Bedrock still conjures up nostalgia

Bedrock city though abandoned still conjures up nostalgia because of its houses of the most famous bedrock characters. Tourists can walk around the park into the brightly colored houses that look as if they have been made of stone.

Bedrock still conjures up nostalgia

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5Complete buildings and houses

You can see Fred and Wilma’s house and you can even walk inside with no one doing anything about it. This is truly a chance of a lifetime for any nostalgic fan to be able to catch a glimpse of their favorite characters home.

Bedrock City

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6The isolated town stands in tact as if it still exists like in the comic book

The park still employs about three staff just to take care of the area. The park isolated in the middle of the desert en route to the Grand Canyon is marked by a giant sized cutout of Fred Flintstone. The odd visitor can occasionally be seen wandering in and out f the houses that have withstood years of neglect such as the multicolored bungalows reminiscent of the same houses of people in Fred and Barney whom many grew up with.

The isolated town stands

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7Do you recognize this?

This is the golf cart type stone age car that Fred and Barney rode to work every day. Today the cart lies in the middle of the park and is still operated as a tourist train. You can even go down the brontosaurus water slide as fast as you can.

Do you recognize this

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8Fred’s house again

One can remember Fred’s house as if it were yesterday with pebbles and Bam Bam playing with each other, while Vilna cooks and throws her garbage the little garbage eating dinosaur trashcan and Dino poking his head through the window.

Freds house

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9The souvenir shop

This is the shop that is most probably selling bizarre souvenirs that were made in the sixties. The shop clerk who looks after the place also happens to be the diner chef. You could most probably get a 5 cent coffee here too who knows.

The souvenir shop

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10 Remember the barber shop

This was the green colored barber shop with its bi-motifs and barber pole outside. This was truly nostalgic but as mentioned earlier Bedrock city is nostalgic and creepy too.

Remember the barber shop

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11Explore Barney’s house

You can also go to the inside of Barney Rubles house where he and his wife Betty would stay along with Bam.

xplore Barney’s house

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12Employees would dress as characters

There was a time when bedrock city attracted most visitors and the staff would dress up as characters. It was a fun park complete with great food and rides. All that is gone into the prehistoric stage leaving only retro statues and old worn out structures in its place.

Employees would dress as characters

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13A time capsule into the past

Bedrock city is like a time capsule amusement park from a bygone era. It is garish and quaint but creepy because of its lonely and dark atmosphere. The park still charges an entry fee of $5 and is open throughout the year except Christmas day

A time capsule into the past

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14Best explored at sunset

At dusk, the sun’s setting plays on the multicolored houses making an interesting sight but also a creepy one as dusk follows and the house adopt a shadowy type of appearance that reflects its ghost town ambience.

Best explored at sunset

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15America’s weirdest attraction

The bedrock ghost town comes alive with the atmosphere of creepiness once it gets a bit dark. Lights shining on solitary pathways and houses with no inhabitants make it straight out of some surreal nightmare.

America’s weirdest attraction

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