5 Unforgettable moments from “A walk to remember” on its 15th anniversary

In 2002, Nicholas Spark’s book A Walk to Remember was made into a movie by the same name and it featured a young Mandy Moore in her first leading role and then teen heartthrob Shane West. In today’s time, you get a Nicholas Spark movie annually, but 15 years back, it was a better time. The movie was a cliched chick flick that featured sappy romance between the leads and a very very soppy and touching end. Let’s take a look at 5 most unforgettable moments from the movie on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.


1 Jamie tells Landon that he can’t fall in love with her

Landon is one of the most popular guys in the school and has a crush on Jamie and when he asks her out, she confidently tells him that they can hang out, spend time together, but only on one condition that he cannot fall in love with her. Jamie knows Landon has a crush on her and it takes a lot of cojones to say that to the most popular guy in the school.

Jamie tells Landon

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2 Jamie tells that she doesn’t care what people think of her

Jamie is shown as one of the most confident girls in the school on the movie and despite knowing what’s wrong with her; she doesn’t really give a flying two cents what other people say about her in the school. She doesn’t care about the rumors or anything that goes behind her back in the school. One important thing to learn from her confidence, as not caring what others say will make your life easier.

Jamie most confident girls

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3 The first kiss

The first time Jamie and Landon kiss is in front of all the school under the glaring lights and on the stage in middle of a play. The audience was watching and Jamie couldn’t say no and there couldn’t be anything sexier and opportunate time to kiss someone for the first time ever.

The first kiss

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4 That response to I Love you

Many say that the greatest movie response to “I Love You” is Han Solo’s “I Know”. But when eventually Landon professes his love to Jamie, Jamie replies “I told you not to fall in love with me”. It was the only condition on which Jamie allowed Landon to hang with her and become her friend and he broke that condition.

I told you not to fall in love with me

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5 Still the movie had cliches

In the end, Landon tells someone that Jamie has made him a better person and he has changed himself. It is a pretty cliched statement to make when a former bad boy of the movie tells someone that a girl has changed her life.

Still the movie had cliches

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