A tornado destroys the hospital during the birth of this miracle baby

Nautral calamities happen without warning and most of such calamities are known to cause quite a lot of damage. Homes get destroyed, property gets damaged, lives are lost and people are left of what were once their homes and businesses and they are faced with a challenge of rebuilding their lives from scratch.


But sometimes, something beautiful also happens in the aftermath of the calamity. Like finding a lost photograph of you family or finding your lost pet days after the event or just seeing your loved ones safe and sound; things such as these keeps the hopes of people alive and keep them going.

On such beautiful story happened in Moore, Oklahoma, where something unbelievable happened not after the twister wrecking havoc in the city, but during the time when the twister was destroying the city and shredding it to bits.


1 The situation

Giving birth to a child is stressful and dramatic enough. The time spent in the labor, the pain of contractions and the wait for the crowning and the ultimate bliss of child birth is all worth it, when the young bundle of joy appears into this world. But for a young woman named Shayla Taylor, who was pregnant and was about to give birth to a baby, things got way more exciting and dangerous when a tornado hit the city of Moore, Oklahoma. Taylor was already dilated five centimeters and was having constant contractions.

 The situation

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2 The happenings

Moore, Oklahoma was hit by an EF5 tornado with winds estimated at the speed of 210 mph. The tornado was a part of environmental system that produced many similar tornados all across the Great Plains. The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management reported that in the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado, over 1500 homes were destroyed, causing an estimate of $2 billion in damages and loss of 24 lives and 212 injured people. Witnesses said that the tornado actually appeared as “a giant black wall of destruction”, instead of a regular tornado.

One of the buildings that took a major blow was The Moore Medical Center, which saw most parts of the building being damaged in the tornado, but no loss to patients. Incidentally, Shayla was in the same hospital waiting for the child birth to happen.

The happenings

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3 The birth

Taylor was on the second floor of The Moore Medical Center and wasn’t much worried about the tornado. But when she saw the nurses rushing in, she grabbed her cell phone to check the weather. She said, “I pull out my phone and pull up the weather app. It says it’s coming down 4th Street in Moore, which is the street that the hospital is on.”

She immediately called for her husband, Jerome and 4 year old son Shaiden, who were sent downstairs for safety and nurses took Shayla in the only room which had no windows- the operating room, in order to keep her safe and sound. Shayla said that the nurses and she grabbed hands, closed eyes and prayed that everything goes fine. When she opened her eyes, she was in for a rude shock.

There were no walls and she could see the I35 highway. The nurses and some strangers then helped Jerome get Shayla into an ambulance and she was quickly wheeled off to the nearby hospital that was still standing.

The birth

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4 The aftermath

Shayla was already into labor and nurses at the other hospital were informed about the emergency and as soon as Shayla was wheeled into the other hospital, she was taken straight to the maternity ward and sometime later, she gave birth to her son, whom she named Braeden Immanuel, with Immanuel meaning ‘god is with us.’


Really, the birth of this baby in such a condition was no less than a miracle!!


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