A terrible incident has changed the way people of China now use escalators

Technology has made life easy for humans. Every essential thing has been automated for efficiency and saving time. But this automation has also been part of some tragedies in the history of mankind. Even recently in China, a woman was killed when the top part of the stepping platform broke and swallowed the woman whole.


The Chinese people in the aftermath of the accident have been going to ridiculous lengths in order to avoid such instances. Almost all of their methods seem to be exaggerated, but with the tragedy that happened last week; all methods are only their way of taking caution

1 The killer escalator

The tragedy happened in a Chinese departmental store. A woman named Xiang Liujuan was riding an escalator and was holding her son in front of herself.


The security footage shows her stepping off on the platform, along with her son. The panel in the platform suddenly collapsed and gave way taking the lady with it. The lady attempted to push her son to safety and an assistant tried to help her. But the escalator kept rotating and Xiang went under the escalators.

Fire fighters were able to recover her lifeless body after 4 hours of intense efforts. An unnamed source with a local newspaper said that maintenance work had been carried out on the escalators and the workers forgot to screw the panel back.

The killer escalator

Image Source: www.buzzfed.com

2 Reactions to the incident

The reactions to the incident were extreme, with people asking a very crucial question. The footage shows the panel wobbling when 2 other women stepped on it. Why the store didn’t stop the escalator after the panel was not screwed together? People also applauded the woman for showing the presence of mind by saving her son by pushing him out of harm’s way.


The people have starting using the escalator in some of the craziest ways possible. Some of which can be seen below.

Reactions to the incident

Image Source: www.cloudinary.com


3 Riding the escalator like a boss

Considering the dresses these girls are wearing, the way they are riding the escalators is quite an impressive feat. But doing this stunt can be quite dangerous; don’t try this at a mall near you.

Riding the escalator like a boss

Image Source: www.tumblr.com


4 Checking the escalator using your feet

This father is teaching his kids how to check the escalator using their feet before stepping on the platform of the escalator. Wonderful images of kids learning their first steps of safety from their best source of inspiration, their dad.

Checking the escalator using your feet

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


5 The leap of safety

The leap of safety ensures that you give the platform a complete miss. The leap of safety is the best ways not to step on the platform and avoid any unpleasant thing from happening. But keep the timing in the mind, one misstep or a sec of hesitance, and you can be injured.

The leap of safety

Image Source: www.nextshark.com


6 Don’t be too dramatic

Sometimes avoiding the problem is a nonchalant way is the best way to go about it. This guy totally avoids the dangerous part with the most casual attitude possible.

Don’t be too dramatic

Image Source: www.whstatic.com

7 Use tools to determine the safety

The best way to check for danger is not to put yourself in danger and rather use objects and tools to probe and push the territory that may have some unwanted for you.

Use tools to determine the safety

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

8 Or what she is doing

Seriously, there is no amount of words in English language to describe what she is doing, riding the escalators that way. But one thing, it looks more dangerous than the escalator itself and don’t try it yourself.

Or what she is doing

Image Source: www.sinaimg.cn


9 Another dangerous outrageous way to ride the escalators

This way can best be called as an almost human centipede. Another dangerous way to ride the escalator and it seems these people will endanger themselves trying these stunts.

Another dangerous outrageous way to ride the escalators

Image Source: www.pstatp.com

10 Most important thing, stay safe and think fast

The best way you can keep yourself safe is use this emergency stop button which is available on every escalator as soon as you sense any danger.

Most important thing, stay safe and think fast

Image Source: www.nextshark.com


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