A Polar Vortex Has Brought The Temperature In The USA Is Down To A Freezing -58°F

15Frozen bubbles

Yes, those are real bubbles that have frozen thanks to the cold weather. They look so beautiful and is a unique sight to see. This was done as people are starting to take advantage of the cold weather. This is being marked as a historical event as temperatures so low haven’t been seen before.

Image Source: rayanworld.com

16Frozen Detroit river

This image was taken from a flight and shows how the Detroit River has frozen all the way till Canada. Rivers need a really low temperature to freeze but now the temperature has dropped so low that the entire river has frozen with ease. It does look beautiful but this type of weather conditions is very dangerous to us humans.

Image Source: tnews.co.th

17The homeless suffer more

This image is so heartbreaking as after seeing how cold the outside is in all the other images, we can’t even imagine how the homeless people must be suffering. They have no proper clothes, no proper warmth and no place to hide.  Many shelters have opened up but are now completely full, leaving many out in the cold.


18Snow is being removed

Authorities are trying their very best to keep the road clear so that people can move on with their lives. Trucks are constantly moving the snow that piles up on the roads. Unfortunately, the services have to work every day as the snow keeps piling up every day and cause major traffic issues.

Image Source: .townnews.com

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