A Polar Vortex Has Brought The Temperature In The USA Is Down To A Freezing -58°F

11Cool rims

After two days of freezing cold weather and even rain, this wonderful mold was discovered. It looks like a perfect mold of the tire of the car. This is how cold the weather really is. Water, falls on objects and immediately freezes and creates a perfect cast of the object.

Image Source: telegraf.com.ua

12That’s why you can’t flush

This image is of a toilet whose flush tank actually exploded in Minnesota. It is a known fact that water expands upon freezing. This tank that was full of water exploded and broken to reveal the frozen ice block that resembled the tank it was in. All the components of the tank are frozen with the water and are still intact.

Image Source: ribalych.ru

13A chill firefighter

This picture of a firefighter was taken with the temperatures at -40°F. Working near water at these temperatures will lead to something like this. Cover in frost with all his firefighter under it the man must be shivering. At these temperatures, water droplets freeze immediately and anyone working near them will see the effects.

Image Source: mamul.am

14This is international

On first look, this image looks like a riot in progress. The train tracks are on fire and a train is approaching. This looks like a still from one of the ‘Purge’ movies but that fire was put intentionally. This is because the tracks are freezing thanks to the low temperatures. This can lead to some really dangerous situations where a speeding train can skid off the tracks or water build up can freeze and form an obstruction.

Image Source: worldnow.com

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