A Polar Vortex Has Brought The Temperature In The USA Is Down To A Freezing -58°F

6It is a Polar Vortex

These are usually found in the North Pole and is a band of really strong winds found up in the atmosphere. They are able to trap cold air around a certain region and this air circulation is considered to be a weather pattern and not just a storm. This was first seen in America in 2014 when the media started using the term ‘Polar Vortex’.

Image Source: wiedzoholik.pl

7How did it come so far?

Polar Vortex is known to only happen in the North Pole but they are also known to sometimes move further south. In 2014, a frigid spell took over America and the first use of polar vortex was used. When it hit Chicago, the temperatures dropped down to a freezing 10°F. This has been reported to be colder than Antarctica.

Image Source: static.dir.bg

8Frozen eggs

Yes, the temperature is so low that the insides of an egg can actually get frozen and when you crack them, the shell will come completely off. This may look like a bowl of boiled eggs but in fact, these eggs are completely raw and uncooked. This can only be experienced in very cold temperatures like the Arctic or Antarctic. 

Image Source: sondakika.com

9Vodka freezes at -16

This image of a bottle of frozen Vodka just goes to show how cold the temperature is. Vodka usually freezes at -16°F so the temperature has got to be lower than that. This bottle was left outside on a table inside a house and still, the liquid froze. The temperatures are so low that it is still freezing even inside a house.

Image Source: twimg.com

10Sending children out

This is what children look like when they have to go out. Children need to be covered head to toe in warm clothes. Even though schools have been shut down for a few days, some are open. Daycares are also open and to send children out they need to look like this. The image user also mentioned that the temperature was -30°F outside.

Image Source: ocdn.eu

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