A Polar Vortex Has Brought The Temperature In The USA Is Down To A Freezing -58°F

Weather is unpredictable and unstable and the current weather conditions in the United States of America is another reminder of how bad things can get. Currently experiencing what scientists call a ‘Polar Vortex’, the temperatures in the US has dropped down to -58°F.


How are people still going out and how life is pulling through these conditions? Just take a look at these images we have collected from all over the US. This kind of cold should only be experienced in the North and South Poles but somehow this has come over the USA and caused chaos.

1The mist

This image may look like the starting of a horror or sci-fi movie but this is a real image of Lake Michigan. The smoke looks so daunting and mysterious like a mist from a Stephen King novel. This smoke is due to the freezing cold weather the entire city is facing which is something that hasn’t been seen in centuries.

Image Source: .yimg.com

2Everything is frozen

This image completely sums up how cold and freezing the temperature is. At -58°F, any water body exposed to these temperatures will freeze. The depth of the water will determine whether or not it will freeze completely to ice or not. Not to mention the heat the city produces also affects the temperature around the water bodies.

Image Source: townnews.com

3Schools are closed

These temperatures have caused many schools to be closed down as parents and authorities are worried and scared about the temperatures and do not wish to put people and most importantly, children in any danger. Children can fall sick easily at these temperatures and no one knows what other weather disasters or anomalies might show up.

Image Source: vox-cdn.com

4Over 1000 flights have been canceled

Flights are something that completely depends on the weather conditions and when the weather conditions are down to a freezing -58°F, flights will be canceled. It has been reported that over 1000 flights have been canceled which is something we do not see every day. This has obviously become an inconvenience to many people who are traveling but it is for their own safety.

Image Source: www.bullesociale.fr

5Lake Michigan is frozen

This aerial shot of Lake Michigan shows just how low the temperatures have gotten. The entire lake has been frozen which is something that hasn’t happened even in the coldest winters. It has been reported that in some places the temperatures are currently lower than the temperatures in Siberia. This is affecting places like Illinois and Chicago.

Image Source: nwmgroups.hu

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