A Photographer Clicked The World’s Most Isolated Tribes & They Are Beyond Your Imagination

6Tribal kids from Mount Bosavi

Here is a photo of two kids who belong from a tribe which is inhabited in Mount Bosavi and we have to admit that the hairstyles of these two kids will be copied by many if they start living in the city. Mount Bosavi is a mountain region in the southern highlands of Papua, New Guinea.

Image Source: smile.fans

7Tribes from Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea may have been described as one of the developing economies of the world but there are many tribes in the region which are still very isolated. The person in the photo is from a tribe which is found in Papua New Guinea and this feather headdress is also a part of the beautiful dress and makeup.

8Maori men from New Zealand

Maori tribe is found in New Zealand and men of this tribe like to have facial tattoos which are known as Tā moko. Maori tribe may have adjusted well with some of the aspects of Western culture but they have ensured that they don’t lose their originality and have taken good care of their culture as well.


9Yali tribe

Yali tribe is originally from Papua, Indonesia and they have taken their name from a word in Dani language which means, “lands of the east”. In this tribe men undertake the duties of hunting and constructing houses while women are responsible for growing and collecting food items.

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10Kaluli tribe

The native of Kaluli tribe is the rain forests of the Great Papuan Plateau which is situated in the Papua New Guinea. Their population has decreased because of the epidemic that spread in 1940s and since then there has been many influenza outbreaks and their infant mortality rates have been quite high as well.

Image Source: www.jimmynelson.com

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