A paralysed man’s response to an internet troll gets him a celebrity fan

The saying is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It was proved by a young man who was paralysed below his neck when he was 17 years old. He has shared his story with many people across the United Kingdom and has been a source of inspiration for many.


Here is his encounter with a woman who thought he deserved the paralysis and how a well-known person came to his support.

1 The tragic accident

British citizen Henry Frazer was paralysed in a diving accident when he was 17 years old on a trip to Portugal. He miscalculated the depth and drove head first into very shallow water. The impact broke 4 vertebrae in his neck, instantly paralysing him from neck down.


He was unable to move anything below his neck and was confined to his bed.

The tragic accident

Image Source: twitter.com/henryfraser0

2 His talent and acclamation from others

But Henry decided to do something rather than blame the universe for his tragic fate. He discovered that he had a very rare talent – mouth painting. He used his mouth to hold brushes and painted unbelievable paintings of humans, portraits of scenery and other beautiful creations.

His work gained huge acclamation in the United Kingdom.

His talent and acclamation from others

Image Source: www.liftbump.com

3 Encounter with the woman on internet

Henry has also shared his story all over the internet and has received some encouraging replies and people sharing their own stories with him.

But recently, he had an encounter with a woman names Laura over the internet, which had read his story and sent him an email. Laura heartlessly blamed Henry for his ill fate. She says he deserves to be paralysed, as it was very stupid of him to dive head first into shallow waters.

The email reads: “Just came across your story online. I can’t believe how stupid you are— you deserve to not be able to use your arms and legs. In fact you should have died for being stupid enough to throw your life way like that.”

Encounter with the woman on internet

Image Source: twitter.com/henryfraser0

4 His reply

Henry replied in the best way possible to the woman, telling her that he hopes that she doesn’t have to go through, what he had suffered.

His reply

Image Source: www.twitter.com/henryfraser0

The woman was adamant on bullying Henry and replied that “I’m not stupid enough to dive on shallow water,” she writes. “Glad what you went through was tough, you deserve to suffer.”
Support from an unexpected source

Henry Frazer was least bothered by the words of the hateful woman. He told her that he was motivated to continue doing good work, thanks to her emails. But there was someone else who was keeping a watch on their conversations, someone famous and knows what tough times mean.


His reply

Famous author of Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling responded by telling Henry that fate had shoved him through an unexpected door and he lit the way for others. She also added that she wondered how Laura would have handled the situation if she was in his place.

Henry Frazer got support from all corners of the country and even from a wonderful author, who encouraged him and applauded his efforts to rise above adversity and come out stronger.


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