A Gigantic Tsunami had ripped Britain out of Europe 8200 years ago


Did you know that Britain wasn’t exactly the geographical island it is today? It was linked to mainland Europe existing as a peninsula. Some 8000 years ago, a gigantic tsunami battered Britain ripping it from Europe and created it like you see it on the map today.

In 6200 BC, the collapse of a large portion of the continental shelf in Norway resulted in one of the earth’s largest landslides in what was termed by geologists as the Storegga landslide. It triggered tsunamis upto 40m high, devastating Britain and travelling 40 km inland. Paleontologists, geologists and archeologists are in the process of a joint research to piece together the cataclysmic event to figure out the reasons why it happened and whether there are possibilities it could occur again. That would be frightening because if it does happen, then imagine the devastation.

1 Killer Tsunami Wiped Out Unique British Settlement

Researchers have managed to create a perfect computer model of the disastrous tsunami which devastated Britain 8200 years ago. If you thought the Japanese tsunami or the one in the Indian Ocean were terrifying, these would be small in comparison to this one. Archeological proof has evidence that the tsunami even wiped out an entire settlement called Doggerland in the UK.


According to David Smith, Geologist at Oxford University, 35 feet waves rushed onto Britain with such tremendous force that a person standing before them would have had his body dismembered instantly. It was Smith who discovered evidence of the prehistoric disaster in the shape of ancient sand layers lying on Scotland’s north eastern coast near Montrose. The banks of the area should feature only clay however the sand ran all through the banks which led to the discovery.

Killer Tsunami Wiped Out Unique British Settlement

Image Source: www.oisf.org


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