A Drone flew over Auschwitz and captured this chilling reality!

More than 60 years have passed, yet the thought of the barbaric massacre of the Jews and so-called misfits brings shivers down the spine. Perhaps, it was one of the most brutal periods that humanity has ever been through.


Bringing back the thrilling memory, BBC captured a chilling footage of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp in Poland via a drone. Even though it has been 70 years now, the silence of the concentration camp still says a lot about the grave suffering of millions of people. Let us see what this video reveals:

1 The Deadly Era of Brutality

In January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed as the Chancellor of Germany. This was the time when the Nazi policy started taking over the other political parties. Soon after he came to power, concentration camps were established all over the country. The motive behind these camps was handling the masses of opposition political parties. Till the time Hitler sensed that the solution to his problem was the elimination of the Jews, he used these camps for just those who opposed Nazi Policy. His ruthless policy caused the death of every Jew, communists, homosexual, disabled, and anyone who he thought was unfit for the society. The drone footage will take you that era of cruelty.

The Deadly Era of Brutality

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2 Auschwitz

Germany, once a beautiful nation, soon changed into the bloody land where there was no place for humanity. Nazis continued expanding their death centers known as the concentration camps. Auschwitz was the largest and most notorious death camps of the Nazi period.


The camp was started in 1940 in the southern Poland and Rudolf Hoss was its first commandant. Even the construction of the camp revolves around stories like forced demolition of all the houses in that area. This death center was active for 4 deadly years, until the Soviet Army invaded it.


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3 The Barbarity in Auschwitz

With the commencement of 1942, Auschwitz was started being seen as the death center. Most of those who were sent to this location were Jews. The detainees were divided into two parts – ones who were capable of working and those who were fit for nothing.

Those who were considered unfit for work were sent to the showers. Unfortunately, those shower rooms were nothing, but gas chambers that emitted Zyklon-B poison gas. It is said that those who went through the gas chambers somehow escaped the savagery of humanity. As, all those who were considered fit for work, had to struggle through the deadly living conditions, torture, and even inhuman medical research.

The Barbarity in Auschwitz

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4 Liberation of Auschwitz

After every night, there is a happy morning! However, this morning came a bit late for Germany, yet the inhumanity ended with the defeat of the Nazis. The time they sensed their defeat, a powerful effort was made to destroy the evidence of their bloodthirstiness. Buildings were set on fire, records were destroyed, detainees moved to other camps. However, when the Soviet army marched into the city, they found more than 7,000 emaciated detainees. There were piles of human clothes, shoes, hair. It is assumed that more than 1.5 million people died during the functioning of Auschwitz (the majority of which were Jews).

Liberation of Auschwitz

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5 Today’s View of Auschwitz

Although, these incidents are a thing of the past and the whole world has turned the page to a new and better life, yet these death camps remain the same. Maintained as a World Heritage Site, this camp in Poland is visited by thousands of visitors every year. Years after its liberation, it still looks quite same. The drone view of it brings chills to the bones. The haunted silence of the drone video takes us to red rooftops of the prison where detainees were kept before bringing to death. The clip even shows the former home of Rudolf Hoss. Even the train stop from where the detainees were taken to concentration camps is shown in this very part.


This chilling video indeed gives you a vision of the tough time faced by all those who were preys of the Nazi policy.


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