A DNA center in Vietnam has just confirmed a set of twins born from two different fathers. Find out how?

Twins born from two fathers? Is that really possible? Well!! It definitely is and there’s solid proof of it in Vietnam. A case of bi-paternal twins or twins with two different fathers has been confirmed by scientists of the Center for Genetic Analysis and Technology in Hanoi.


The twins in Vietnam born from two different fathers were brought to the center for DNA testing after pressure from family members who noticed the oddity. The unusual but not impossible case was confirmed by President of the Genetic Association of Vietnam, Le Din Luong.

1 Are Bi-Paternal Twins Possible? Was There a Mix Up at the Hospital?

When tests were carried out on a set of twins for being bi-paternal twins, it was confirmed that were was no mix up at the hospital. This was evident that the twins had one mother but two fathers. The odd case of twins being born to the same mother but having different characteristics in features was noticed by the family. At first in their early years the contrast in resemblance may not have been noticed, but as the children grew, the differences became evident.


At two years old, both showed vast differences in looks such as hair and facial features. One had thick wavy hair while the other sibling had straight and thin hair. It was then that the family members decided to bring the twins for a checkup at the genetic center. Tests revealed that the twins indeed were born of two fathers; the family was surprised no doubt but is trying to find ways and means to deal with the embarrassing situation. The President of the association refused to divulge further details to protect the confidentiality of the family having made an agreement with the parents.

Are Bi-Paternal Twins Possible?

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2 The First Case of Bi-Paternal Twins in Vietnam! How Did It Happen?

Confirmed by Lung, this is the first case of bi-paternal twins in Vietnam. Although an extremely rare oddity, the incident has occurred once before in New Jersey, USA. A US family court judge Sohail Mohammed directed the father of a girl, to pay $28 per week in child support once genetic tests confirmed he was the father of the girl and not her twin.

The First Case of Bi-Paternal Twins in Vietnam

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3 The Rarity of Bi-Paternal Twins Isn’t Impossible!

A woman can conceive twins from two different fathers if she has sexual intercourse with both men at the time of ovulation. According to a woman’s reproductive physiology, the female egg lives for 48 hours once released from the ovary. A sperm too lives in a woman reproductive system up to 5 days and in some cases even 7. Thus a case of heteropaternal super fecundation can occur when the ovaries releases two eggs resulting in the possibility of both getting fertilized from separate partners.

The Rarity of Bi-Paternal Twins Isn’t Impossible

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4 Such cases have occurred in the Past, Claim DNA Scientists

The case of bi-paternal twins has made the world sit up and take notice but the phenomenon is logical. Obviously when the possibility of two ova being released occurs in a woman, then if she does decide to be adventurous with two partners, the result of bi-paternal twins is bound to happen. However, it rarely does. Although cases may have happened in the past without knowledge, today it is becoming evident due to medical technology and of course social freedoms leading to an increased level of promiscuity

Such cases have occurred in the Past

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According to DNA expert Dr. Karl Hans Wurzinger the odds of bi-paternal twins are 1 in 13000 cases, unfortunately for the woman in Vietnam she happened to be that special woman.


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