A cross border drug tunnel measuring 4 football fields was discovered under the U.S.- Mexico border

You’ve all seen great tunnel escapades in movies. Bank robbers digging tunnels leading into banks, criminals escaping through tunnels dug from hidden walls in their cells. But what you’re about to read beats any movie. In San Diego, Federal authorities have discovered not just a TUNNEL but a cross border tunnel whose length measures more than 4 football fields.

The feds were stunned at the discovery of this cross border tunnel under a South California home. Although this is the work of drug cartels, the ingenuity of it all is absolutely devious and amazing.

1 Largest Cross Border Tunnel Found Since 2006

In what has turned out to be a superb Federal operation. Special agents monitoring tunnel activity under a Calexico home not only busted a major drug consignment, they also discovered something incredible.

The ensuing federal investigation led to one of the most incredible discoveries since 2006. A gigantic tunnel was unearthed by federal agents that ran all the way from a Mexican restaurant in Mexicali Mexico and opened up into a house in Calexico California. In what could also be concluded as a major drug bust, 3000 pounds of marijuana was confiscated. Four people were arrested including a man named Augustine Enric Cruz alias Tinky, the owner of the house which was concealing the tunnel.

Largest Cross Border Tunnel Found Since 2006

Image Source: www.irishtimes.com

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