A Circular bridge in Uruguay becomes the centre of attraction!

Bridges are designed and built for making the journey pleasant and less troublesome for the commuters. Ideally bridges are built in a straight path to reduce distances and ensure that people get to cover long distance in less time. However, a circular bridge design in Uruguay has now ignited the passion of engineers and designers who are indeed amazed at this out of the box idea.


1 Out of the box design

The circular bridge design has never been practised in any part of the world previously. This is the precise reason that engineers from all over the world are amazed at this precision technology that has been put in place. Needless to point, the idea of circular bridge was unique and constructing this bridge was a cumbersome target.

The passionate team of workers and engineers however made this possible and the circular bridge in Uruguay is now getting much attention in the country and worldwide too owing to its unique design.

Out of the box design

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2 Innovative designer

The innovative designer, Rafael Vinoly is an architect from Uruguay. Rafael wanted an unconventional design for this bridge and therefore worked on this innovative concept for long and thereafter came up with the idea of circular bridge. The design was very much different from the usual concept and Rafael had always wanted it to be like this only.


The bridge which has been thrown open to regular traffic only recently is in Languana Garzon region of Uruguay. The bridge connects Rocha and Maldonado counties in Uruguay.

Innovative designer

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According to Rafael, there was a strong reason behind the circular bridge design. He pointed out that the instinct of doing something unique and innovative was however one of these reasons.

3 Speed management of vehicles

It usually happens that on bridges with straight path vehicles usually zoom past the bridge, which often leads to accidents and many of that are fatal. Keeping this view in mind, the idea of circular bridge was worked out as the design of this bridge itself limits the speed of the vehicle.


Controlling the speed of vehicles was one of the reasons behind the design of this unique bridge. As the designing of the bridge involved some unusual design intervention, cost implications were definitely involved and it did prove to be a costly affair to construct the bridge.

The total cost of this bridge came up to $11 million. The major cost implications were however met by Eduardo Constantini, an Argentinean Real Estate developer who contributed $10 million towards this unique project.

Speed management of vehicles

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However getting this unique design idea approved from the Uruguay Government was not an easy task. It took six years of debates with the Government in Uruguay to have this circular design for the bridge approved.


The design in itself is special as the bridge has a radius of 515 meters which has been bracketed by using two straight sections. Each of these sections measures 46 meters at the entry point of the bridge.

4 Idea behind the unique design

Though the concern of limiting the speed of the vehicle weighted high in the mind of Rafael Vinoly while designing the bridge, another reason was that the designer wanted the commuters to enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding landscape.


This could have been possible only by limiting the speed of the vehicles passing the bridge and Rafael was successful in this task as he designed a circular bridge. A pedestrian pathway was also created in the centre of the bridge so as to let people on foot pass safely and admire the pristine beauty of the region.

Idea behind the unique design

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In the recent past, the Government of Uruguay has been focusing on improving its tourism infrastructure and this unique concept of bridges is only the starting point towards this endeavour.


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