A 13-year-old suffered from second-degree burns from a charging mobile phone!

Most of us from children to adults these days cannot do without our mobile phone and yet we often forget about all the precautions that we have read about the usage in the user manual. The same happened with 13-year-old Gabbie, who got the shock of her life when she suffered a burn around her neck from her mobile phone that was charging. Whilst the family may be able to speak with a burn injury lawyer to assist them in this case, the fact that it happened at all is harrowing. When we all say about safety being first, we happen to forget the basics of it and that often leads to some of the most unexpected accidents that can actually cost our lives.


1 Jackie Freddo and her family

Gabbie is incidentally Jackie Freddo’s daughter and the family lives at Highland Park. Gabbiewas a very active girl and loved all sorts of sports and leads a very sporty life. In short, the family had a very happy and fulfilling life to look forward to without the slightest worry about any kind of disasters.

Jackie Freddo and her family

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2 The culprit mobile

Gabbie received an LG d500 for Christmas from her mother and it has been her best companion since then. Being a very active child, she wasted no time in exploring the various features of the phone that she had received from her mother and was always found playing with it or doing something or the other.

The culprit mobile

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3 The unexpected

The next week, following Christmas when Jackie was busy in the other room she heard her daughter screaming. Gabbie came running to her and showed her the burn marks around the throat that was slowly forming hideous blisters and the pain was evident from Gabbie’s hysterical screams.

The unexpected

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4 How it happened?

The mobile was charging at the moment when the incident occurred. Gabbie was playing with the mobile phone when the electric shock passed from the phone and made contact with the metal necklace that she was wearing and took the shape of the necklace in the form of a burn. The burn was quite severe and diagnosed as a second-degree burn. The phone was intact but being a touch screen there must have been some sort of crack or leakage, which lead to the shock she received.

How it happened?

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5 Cellphone injuries

The cell phone injuries are some of the most underrated accidents and though they are not given much attention to; but they do happen and they can be indeed very deadly. This kind of trouble majorly occurs from faulty cell phones or plug points or even manufacturing defects in the charger.It is usually the carelessness of the consumers who overlook their safety while using mobile phones. Thus, remaining careful is of utmost importance.

Cellphone injuries

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6 Why do they occur?

These kinds of incidents occur from the overcharging of the lithium battery which in turn gets over heated and that causes such electrocutions. This is also a sign of battery leakage and voltage trouble. The charger could also be at fault here.

Why do they occur?

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7 The remedy

Of course, if you do fall victim to an injury like this as result of a faulty electronic product, you need to contact a burn injury claims attorney and take legal action against the manufacturer. When it comes to avoiding the problem altogether, the best solution to such troubles is not to use the cell phone while it is charging and better still keep the phone switched off while you are charging the phone and that would surely decrease the chances of injury from an over heated cell phone. The chances of such accidents increase manifold when you get the battery charger or the battery from third party and though cheaper, these knock-offs are even more dangerous. So the best option would be to replace the charger or battery from the service centre of the company itself when you need to rather than resorting to the knockoffs.

The remedy

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8 Awareness is of paramount importance!

Ever since the incident has occurred, Jackie Freddo has been trying to raise awareness regarding mobile phone safety by posting pictures of her daughter’s injury on twitter and other social media websites.

Awareness is of paramount importance!

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It can be concluded that the reports of such incidents are not completely unheard of. They can only be avoided completely with proper implications of safety measures. There are many similar reports from other countries as well and hence safety measures are becoming acutely essential.


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