A National figure Skater at 90 years proves that age is just a number

While there are many people who consider it a dream to reach the ripe old age of ninety, many who do would be enjoying the sunshine in a rocking chair on their porch. But!! Do you think that’s entirely true?? No its not!! Because those who do reach 90 have done so by virtue of a healthy lifestyle.


Take for example the story of Yvonne Dowlen. This woman was a champion ice skater at 90 years who continued skating till she died.


1 She skated throughout her life

The ninety year old ice skating champion loved being on the ice and even coached young kids in figure skating. She began an illustrious figure skating career when she was 20 and was an Icecapades star. An accident almost ended her dreams when she turned 80. She suffered concussion and doctors said she may never skate again. Dowlen, however, was too determined and kept training off the ice till she was able to skate again.

ninety year old ice skating champion

Image Source: www.hovberg.se


2 Competitive skating even in old age

Yvonne Dowlen an ice skater at 90 years was charming audiences in ice skating competitions across the USA. Through her many children too followed their dreams of becoming future ice skating stars. To quote Dowlen “For me, it’s very important just to stand on the ice.” However, even in old age, she was doing much more than that!

Competitive skating even in old age

Image Source: www.inspiremore.com


3 She died skating

Yvonne Dowlen expired on May 2nd 2016 while skating on a rink in Colorado. She wasn’t injured but suffered a heart attack. The ice skater at 90 years had died doing what she loved most and that was being on the rink.

Take a look at her video where she performed at her last national competition leaping and twirling on the ice. She is a true inspiration to many. You should always follow your dreams and accomplish whatever it is you are passionate about.



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