9 Unbelievable and astonishing body part reattachment surgeries


There was a time when if someone lost a limb, there was no way of reattaching it to the person. But the progress in medical and surgical science has made it possible to not only reattach lost limbs back to the body, but even graft skin from on part of the body to another.

Though there is evidence of Indian surgeon Shrustha reattaching limbs or mending skin some 2,000 years ago, first such reattachment procedure was achieved in 1962 by Dr. Ronald Malt, Massachusetts General Hospital’s chief surgical resident. He fruitfully reattached the arm of a 12-year-old boy who had suffered an accident as he was hanging onto the side of a train. Astonishingly, in the years after the surgery, the boy was able to play tennis and baseball, as well as drive race cars for recreation.

Science has advanced through the years, numerous types of the most incredible replantation operations have been performed, helping thousands of patients. Here are ten of the most such amazing procedures:


1 Reattaching both hands after moulding machine accidence

49-year-old Arsenio Matias who hails from Dominican Republic was in process of working a vacuum form machine which is used to press plastic parts into shape, when he unintentionally cut off both his hands from the wrist down.

Fortunately two of Matias’s colleagues had the idea to tie their belts around his arms in order to reduce the loss of blood and kept his severed hands in ice to preserve them.

Doctors at the Stony Brook hospital used microscopes and magnifying lenses to reattach Matias’s severed limbs. Despite successful surgery, doctors said that it is likely the patient might regain only up to 50% of normal feeling and movement in his hands. After surgery, Matias described how he felt as “Perfect, perfect. I never have pain. This is unbelievable stuff medically.”

Reattaching both hands after moulding machine accidence

Image Source: www.tecnowarez.tk


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