These 9 things you’re cleaning wrong in your kitchen

Kitchen is a place where we prepare food, drinks and many other things that go inside us as we consume those eatables and drinkables. Therefore it is a must that such places and equipment that are used in these places are cleaned thoroughly.

Most of us know how to clean such equipment in kitchens, but you might be doing it the wrong way. Here are 9 kitchen wares that should be cleaned in the correct way.

1 Garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are the one thing in the kitchen that need proper and thorough cleaning since you put everything left after the lunch and dinner in it. You are sure that the disposal gets rid of all the things you put it in there.

Instead of putting the store brought cleaner in it to clean it, just mix some white vinegar with some water and freeze it in ice cube trays. Now put those ice cubes in the disposal to clean it. Or you can put in some citrus rinds and cold water to clean it thoroughly.

Garbage disposal

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2 Water filter

Water filter is an important apparatus used in the kitchen since it cleans the water that we consume in form of drinks, ice cubes and other things. The only thing people seem to do to clean the water filter is to change the filter. But you need to clean the whole bowl with soap and warm water and dry it out completely.

Water filter

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