If you find your life is in danger, these 9 self-defense tricks can save you


Bad things can happen and we do not know when they will happen. So it is better to be ready now than to remember your maker in times when you find yourself in danger. It is better to learn some self-defense techniques and self-preservation tips than to live your life in fear.

Here are 9 such tips for your personal safety.

1 Always use the head

When you are confronted with an attacker, always try to avoid any physical showdowns with them. But if it really comes down to hand to hand combat, try using something that is big and can do lots of damage to the opponent. Yes, use your head, it is armored, is hard and big and can do some serious damage if you aim correctly and hit in a split second. Aim for the bridge of the nose for the best results, as it disorients the attacker and gives you time to run.

Always use the head

Image Source: www.diply.com


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