If you find your life is in danger, these 9 self-defense tricks can save you

Bad things can happen and we do not know when they will happen. So it is better to be ready now. It is better to learn some self-defense techniques and self-preservation tips, rather than live your life in fear. Knowing self-defense is so important these days, so make sure to learn some of these tips. However, if you’re still anxious about leaving your home, it might be worth looking into some bodyguards for hire, for example. By hiring someone to constantly look out for you, the fear that you’re experiencing should decrease significantly. Having a bodyguard can make you feel a lot more confident and it can also make you feel a lot safer. Whilst this option might not be for everyone, it might be useful for those who live in fear of attacks or invasion. It’s so important that people take care of themselves, whether that’s by learning these tips or by hiring a bodyguard.


If you’re planning on looking after yourself, here are 9 such tips for your personal safety.

1 Always use the head

When you are confronted with an attacker, always try to avoid any physical showdowns with them. But if it really comes down to hand to hand combat, try using something that is big and can do lots of damage to the opponent. Yes, use your head, it is armored, is hard and big and can do some serious damage if you aim correctly and hit in a split second. Aim for the bridge of the nose for the best results, as it disorients the attacker and gives you time to run.

Always use the head

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2 In case of a kidnapping, do this

Getting abducted is a nightmare for any person. But if you find yourself getting kidnapped, try to drop your belongings in order to make a trail for the investigative authorities to find you easily. Keep throwing you belongings if you can, but do keep your cell phone with you and keep it switched on, so it can be traced for location.

Getting abducted

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3 Do not stand still, always move

If you are faced with a prospect of getting shot, or are in a confrontation, do not stand still. Keep moving, because it is difficult to hit the target if it is moving. Same thing in case if someone pulls a gun on you, just push that person to the ground or distract that person enough for you to run and run in a zigzag pattern, so that the probability of you getting hit is as low as possible.

Do not stand still, always move

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4 In case of a home invasion, go to this place in your house

You must have seen The Purge movies, where a bunch of people invade homes in order to commit any crime they want in a period of 24 hours. Threat Scenarios here can be very dangerous, but there is one distinct advantage you can have over a home invader; If you find yourself in a similar situation, where someone has gotten in your house and you are alone, immediately go to the kitchen. It is the best place to be in such a situation because of the entire weapon possibilities including knives, forks, even the freaking gas pipeline is in the kitchen, you can use fire to protect yourself and the fire alarm will be a great thing to alert the authorities.

home invasion

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5 In case of mugging, do this

Most of the time, mugging is done to take all the valuables from you. Do not try to fight the mugger, unless you are specifically trained for such situation or are Batman. No wallet or any money can be bigger than you life and you should readily give up all the valuables you have, just don’t make it so easy. Throw away the wallet and valuables away from the mugger, to distract the mugger and give you an opportunity to run and save yourself.


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6 If you are being followed…

Being followed is not in anyone’s happy fantasy. So if you ever find yourself being followed, simply keep walking and try to reach to the most public place you know and get mixed up with the crowd or find out the nearest police station and walk right in and report the stalker. Remember do not take any shortcuts or places where there are no people, always stay in public and be somewhere it is difficult for you to be found alone.

being followed by someone

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7 Always YELL for help in emergency

The best thing you can do if you find yourself in any kind of problem is to scream. It attracts other people and someone can come to help. You should always carry a whistle with you and blow it incessantly until someone comes to help you. Whistles are annoying and people will definitely be attracted to someone blowing a whistle.

YELL for help in emergency

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8 Learn how to break zip ties

Most of the times, people will tie you up for purposes best known to them, using plastic zips ties and duct tapes. If you know what to do, you can simply work yourself out of them and run for safety. In the video above, you can see a safety instructor showing you how to break zip ties. Just tighten the zip tie as much as you can and keep your wrists apart and take your hands above your head and in one swift motion, like bringing an axe down, bring the hands towards your stomach and at the same time separate them and voila you have broken the ties. The same technique will work if you are tied with duct tapes also.

9 Take Self-defense lessons

You can save yourself from any situation if you take a basic lesson in personal safety. You can Google and find out places nearby your home that give self-defense lessons and take them up seriously. These basic self-defense lessons can be the difference between you getting out safely out of a tight situation or something unwanted happening.

Self-defense lessons

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